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Netflix Documentaries     02/03/2017
The Barkley Marathons is really good. Muscle Shoals. ... More »
Who to call for treadmill repair?     05/10/2016
Marathon fitness will be able to help you out. ... More »
Jury Duty Summons     05/10/2016
I love going. Last time I went I got picked for a civil trial that lasted two weeks. Lots of fu... More »
Re: Restaurant Suggestions Downtown or Close     01/29/2016
Nino's is one of my favorites.... More »
Re: Mail Delivery Late at Night     11/13/2015
I talked to our mail lady last night and she said the holiday had them running behind.... More »
Re: Do's & Don'ts When Getting Pulled Over     08/12/2015
[url][/url]... More »
Re: Soo does this look familiar to you?     08/05/2015
I love me some Coke and peanuts.  People look at you like your crazy sometimes, but thats fine.I re... More »
Las Vegas     06/30/2015
Not sure what sites you're checking, but I've never paid more than $60 a night for a room on the st... More »
Re: Father's Day gifts     06/17/2015
I'm pretty low maintenance.  All I truly want is a new shower radio.  Mine died the other day.... More »
Re: Knee scope     06/11/2015
It's a minimally invasive procedure.  You will be up on your feet very soon afterwards.Best advice ... More »
Re: Very interesting cloud formations this morning     06/08/2015
They are altocumulus clouds that typically indicate an unstable atmosphere.  I credit my dad who ha... More »
Re: For you ornithologists     06/08/2015
That is a white wing.  They are generally bigger than mourning dove, but just as tasty.... More »
Re: Max Bowl in Humble?     06/03/2015
The remodel is awesome.  ... More »
Re: Someone call the mosquito's why     06/01/2015
Yesterday my 3 year old said, "dad, there are no nice mosquito's.  They are all mean!"I have to agr... More »
Sinko de Mayo     05/05/2015
Most people don't know that in 1912, Hellmann's mayonnaise was manufactured in England. In fact, t... More »
Re: I hate auto correct     05/04/2015
Me two.sent from my iPhone:)... More »
Re: Mayweather vs Pacquiao     05/01/2015
Hoping Pacman wins, but Mayweather will win if it goes the distance.I'm planning on following along ... More »
Re: Its nice out here this morning     05/01/2015
Yeah...I could get used to this type of weather!... More »
Re: Teacher appreciation May 5th     05/01/2015
A gift card to Specs!  ... More »
Re: Happy Birthday, Willie!     04/29/2015
... More »

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