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Why parts of Houston flood     05/30/2016
@Maisey1: That neighborhood has flooded on a few occasions.... More »
mean neighbors     02/03/2016
@GoldenGirl: I'm with you. That's just dumb, a matress, for a week, in a neighbors front yar... More »
Did the Don self implode?     11/14/2015
He's a douchebag. I have no idea why any one supports him. It makes me angry that people in this co... More »
Ladies, hose or bare legs?     10/22/2015
Do they even still make hose? This is a big hell no. ... More »
Re: John Boehner resigns!     09/25/2015
... More »
"I'll pray for you"     08/31/2015
@herron1345: If you aren't a bible thumper that believes in only creationism, the example di... More »
"I'll pray for you"     08/31/2015
@Retired_Engineer: The op was referring to in a debate or argument. When someone is in need ... More »
"I'll pray for you"     08/31/2015
It's said as nothing other than an insult. Basically saying they are right and you are wrong and if... More »
Who are Trump supports?     08/27/2015
This sums it up...the type of people I don't associate with. Frankly don't care who I offend. For ... More »
Street lights     08/27/2015
Kingwood isn't darker than other places. Some people just like to belly-ache about everything.... More »
female trump supporters     08/24/2015 More »
Re: New Orleans Says "Thank you!" to Houston     08/20/2015
@beadweaver162?  That's all?  A quote from the Chronicle May 15, 2014: "How many people live in Ho... More »
More Global Warming Fraud     08/20/2015
@2danes: I'm with you, but on kdc, we are a very small minority. These people prefer to list... More »
Now he admits it..     08/20/2015
I'm betting the only thing he deeply regrets is being caught. Dude is a douchbag. ... More »
Vote for President 2016     08/20/2015
[img][/img]... More »
Welcome KatrinaTrash !!     08/19/2015
I think everyone forgets that it was a major disaster, things aren't going to be ideal for anyone. ... More »
Welcome KatrinaTrash !!     08/19/2015
J9?... More »
Subway Jared is in a mess of trouble     08/19/2015
We should have seen this coming. Who voluntarily eats the same thing every day of their life for lun... More »
Fda and pink viagra     08/19/2015
The only times I haven't been interested is when I'm just not that into him anymore, a break up soon... More »
Trump on immigration     08/19/2015
@TheTruthHurts: I don't think he will get anything done. He is hot air. This is a power thi... More »

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