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Ready for summer to end     07/14/2017
No I'm enjoying our new pool! ... More »
Salata     07/14/2017
Now we if we could get a Zoe's I'd be set!!... More »
Salata     07/13/2017
LOVE salata. 😍... More »
Re: Flooding already?     07/12/2017
i just drove through there--like ten minutes ago. i didn't think it was too bad, just drive slower.... More »
Free Abortions For All     07/10/2017
The barbaric thought that someone is allowed to abort a baby is beyond me. Disgusted. ... More »
What's for lunch???     07/10/2017
Potbelly Mediterranean salad ... More »
Re: Thursday's Giveaway     07/06/2017
i know this sounds weird fave is getting the dutch chocolate ice cream from marble slab and... More »
Re: 4th celebration     07/06/2017
people are quick to b!itch but not solution.  let's see if all of these people that are complaining... More »
Re: Super Nintendo Classic Edition     07/06/2017
@zmani love video games, just with three kiddos i don't have the time.  that's awesome that you do.... More »
Re: The Spice Bowl     07/06/2017
just mentions it in this article but not much detail More »
Re: Super Nintendo Classic Edition     07/06/2017
who has time to play video games?... More »
Re: Thursday's Giveaway     07/06/2017
i usually get one scoop of rocky road and one scoop of mint choc chip.  it's the bomb.... More »
Re: Town Center Fireworks     07/06/2017
i watched them on the online feed and had no problems at all.  was sitting in the pool having an ad... More »
Re: Thursday's Giveaway     07/06/2017
it sure is hot out today. a frozen treat would be great :icecream:... More »
Re: Eyebrows?!     07/06/2017
i really want to get microblading done.  just haven't had the time or nerves to do so yet...... More »
Re: Insurance Quotes     07/06/2017
i hate shopping around for insurance.  it's worth it though as you can normally find a better price... More »
Re: What is Best Internet provider for Kingwood     07/06/2017
they both suck. i had to argue with suddenlink about charging me more as a "valued" customer vs the ... More »
Re: 4th celebration     07/06/2017
[img] More »
Social media     07/05/2017
#entitlement #allanoutme... More »
DIY Car Detailing Tips Needed     06/28/2017
@ray How much do you charge?... More »

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