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Re: Whats being built by culvers?     07/27/2017
@QueenB: I think you may be on target, the footprint was/is not big enough for a Texas Roadho... More »
Re: What the heck is this     07/27/2017
I've seen those before.....  Weird but I think they are harmless.  At least I haven't died yet...A... More »
Re: Bandit Signs     07/27/2017
Area codes are no longer specific to an area due to relocations and cell phone...  I am just curi... More »
Re: Driveway replacement     07/27/2017
@teatime: Mine needs replacing.  It is measured at 1100 sq st and the cost was ~$8,000.  Needles... More »
Re: Coke Zero     07/27/2017
My favorite is Cherry Coke Zero..  I thought the idea of the "ZERO" was no sugar etc...?... More »
Re: Bandit Signs     07/27/2017
I am curious as to where that picture was taken.  I see bandit signs in KW but I don't believe I ha... More »
Re: Main Event Bowling     07/26/2017
Monday thru Thursday $20.00/hour/lane OR $5 per Game/Person Friday thru Sunday & Holidays $29.00... More »
Re: Eyeglass question     07/26/2017
I got new high definition lenses today.  Normally I get Crizal but these today were Hoya brand.  N... More »
Re: Night Lights     07/26/2017
I like these.  Going to look into them since they do not have to be wired.  Electricity and I do n... More »
Re: For those who wear white gold rings....     07/26/2017
My Mom's wedding rings have been worn for 61 years and are still as white gold as the were the day s... More »
Re: Any wakeboarders on here?     07/26/2017
That sounds like fun but isn't that water really "YUCKY"?  ... More »
Re: I so wish HOA's enforced its own rules     07/26/2017
@GoldenGirl:  Good Luck!!  I am in Hunter's Ridge and have been trying to address an industrial ... More »
Re: Home Invader Caught On Camera - Need Help Locating Criminal! Pics and Vids Attached!     07/26/2017
Didn't take long for someone to know who he is...  Just goes to show crime doesn't pay as someone w... More »
Re: I so wish HOA's enforced its own rules     07/26/2017
Not they are every where in Hunter's Ridge, some standing, some laying down,come in the street (wh... More »
Re: I so wish HOA's enforced its own rules     07/25/2017
 Must have changed a lot in the six years since I moved out of Elm Grove.  I believe they are mana... More »
Re: New Starbucks     07/25/2017
Actually I read awhile back that the plans were to close the one by CVS when the new one is built. ... More »
Re: What are they building, you know??     07/25/2017
One of the places has been leased out to a Cupcake Bakery.  Forgot the exact name but they were on ... More »
Re: I so wish HOA's enforced its own rules     07/25/2017
@Ruger5:  That was far from my thought process when I moved to Kingwood....   ... More »
Re: This could be a bad thing...     07/25/2017
Maybe they got rid of the broccoli / Kale mess...... More »
Re: I so wish HOA's enforced its own rules     07/25/2017
@Ruger5: And it is getting worse instead of better and they keep raising the fees....  ... More »

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