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Re: Kingwood parc     09/11/2013
@mpjp0907: You'll have to explain what sorta like the woodlands would mean.  I don't shop. ... More »
Re: Express Checkout     09/11/2013
How did ya'll get a picture of my feet?  And on the one day I forget to shave too!  YEESH.  ... More »
Re: Kingwood parc     09/11/2013
So what is going in there?  Are you talking about the area in between 59 and 494 around kingwood dr... More »
Re: Comic-Con     09/11/2013
LOL.  We went to the one here in Houston for one day.   Thought it was cool.  Not really "into" ... More »
Re: Kingwood Wellness     09/09/2013
If you are talking about Kingwood Health and wellness that is on the bulletin boards I know that the... More »
Redbox movies     09/07/2013
Tried to pick up Now you see me. They were all out. ... More »
Re: stupid newbie --question     09/07/2013
Gecko chirps.  I think. ... More »
Re: family bullies.     09/07/2013
Family doesn't mean you have to see them.  You can love someone but not be able to be around them.... More »
Re: Free 12 Yr Old?     09/05/2013
That sounds just like my kid.  Around the same age too. ... More »
Re: I am sick :(     09/03/2013
Got sick of school starting back.  LOL. ... More »
Re: community health problem     09/03/2013
Do your own homework.  ... More »
"God has a great sense of humor" a$$     09/02/2013
@everyone Just to clarify I am talking about extended family not me. Lol ... More »
Re: Guys, how girls feel     09/02/2013
My wife doesn't wear makeup.  I think she puts on a dab maybe twice a year.  ... More »
Re: Does anyone out there     09/02/2013
Rose,  "I think my husband had an affair."  "One night he came home from work and said he was to t... More »
Re: "God has a great sense of humor" a$$     09/02/2013
We have had something similar happen in my family.  Not as many but close.  Adoption after years o... More »
Re: Slow day for KDC     09/01/2013
@BooBear;    P... More »
Re: Slow day for KDC     09/01/2013
Living Life? ... More »
Re: I'm pretty sure I would've s#!t my pants...     09/01/2013
@Fallon @FoFaIt is required for insurance.  The camera is used so the insurance companies in that a... More »
Re: What are you doing for Labor Day?     08/31/2013
Worked in my yard yesterday afternoon and this morning.  Now to tired and hurt to do anything.  LO... More »
Re: Its Not Me!     08/31/2013
@SandyKnee: Not even a pm?  ... More »

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