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Re: My Christmas Projects     12/10/2013
@WskyTngoFxtrt: I understand the work getting in the way.  Taking a large piece of wood like th... More »
Re: so we found a car..... nope     12/10/2013
You should call out the place.  Name it.  Nothing will change car sales until they see their botto... More »
Re: Child protection     12/10/2013
You could get some dolls and have her show you what is happening.   Video tape it. ... More »
Re: My Christmas Projects     12/10/2013
Nice!  I have been able to spend sometime with my lathe recently too.   I love working with my ha... More »
Re: Men have menstrual cycles too     12/10/2013
NO COMMENT!... More »
Re: Christmas shopping     12/09/2013
One year we had Christmas at our house so everyone coming here just shipped there unwrapped gifts to... More »
Re: Who locked the BOOBS thread?!?!     12/09/2013
@Drekonix: Thanks for the nice sugar plum images! ... More »
Re: Who locked the BOOBS thread?!?!     12/09/2013
The one where site sponsors don't like boobs?  LOL... More »
Re: STILL MISSING: All White Husky     12/09/2013
Place a call to all the animal shelters.  ... More »
Christmas Tree winner     12/09/2013
Congrats to the person who won the Christmas tree from Warrens on NP.... More »
Re: Wreck     12/09/2013
Are people just really not paying attention?   I always get more cautious during the holidays sinc... More »
Re: STILL MISSING: All White Husky     12/09/2013
She may be more brown than white with all the mud. ... More »
Re: Windows     12/09/2013
I hate windows 8... More »
Re: Mufassa update!!!     12/09/2013
Hope all is well.... More »
Re: Naked Juice     12/09/2013
I am better Naked.  But only in my home.... and maybe only under the covers.  hmm..... ... More »
Re: ALERT/ Suspicious Vehicle in Fosters Mill     12/09/2013
@mpjp0907: Care to share?  I have seen a bunch about Kings Manor lately.  I wonder if ... More »
Re: STILL MISSING: All White Husky     12/09/2013
I hope you find her.  Did it look like some-one unclipped her collar?... More »
Naked Juice     12/09/2013
Good stuff.  Not cheap but good. ... More »
Re: Movie Theater Etiquette     12/09/2013
We have sat in the second row behind the row with the bar in front.  It had not been a big issu... More »
Re: Auction Friday, December 6th at 7:00pm     12/08/2013
[ @GoldenGirl: @zepherd     This is the link...   It is the chairs that are titled "pr of firesi... More »

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