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Re: How cold will it go?     12/11/2013
@Fallon You Thanked me like four times.  Do you know my wife?  LOL.... More »
Re:     12/11/2013
@FoFa: I don't like her toes.  ... More »
Re: How cold will it go?     12/11/2013
If it gets that cold this year I know I will be in my home snuggling with my wife.  ... More »
Re: Recent DISAPPOINTING Movies     12/11/2013
World War Z was better than I thought but I was prepared of total bomb.  After reading about Superm... More »
Re: Enjoyable Dog Tricks     12/11/2013
That is one happy Border Collie.  They love to have a "Job".  The time investment that must have t... More »
Re: Wish yall a very Murray Christmas     12/11/2013
I am just wondering why he would take those pictures?? ... More »
Re: A Barenaked Christmas     12/11/2013
Nothing Lame to me about singing in praise of Christ. ... More »
Re: 12 days of Christmas     12/11/2013
@herron1345: I have to get the wife liquored up for her to deal with family.  Thanks ... More »
Re: What a FAKE!     12/11/2013
@Annie: OH wow.  What a slip.  When I was in college I worked with Students who were deaf so I... More »
Re: Am I the only one that finds it ironic that....     12/11/2013
I thought,  wow cool Burnsway got it.  Cause I am a nice guy and all.  ... More »
Re: What a FAKE!     12/11/2013
Maybe when they realized they forgot to book the interpreter they said, "Who is going to notice anyw... More »
Re: Hardest person to shop for     12/11/2013
All of em.  I am glad my wife does it. ... More »
Re: A Barenaked Christmas     12/11/2013
Sorry,  major fail on my part.  The first one you have to copy and paste in to your browser.   T... More »
Re: If you are a teacher...     12/11/2013
When I was in school there wasn't email.  If you had a problem you had to go to the school for a sc... More »
Re: SOA     12/11/2013
I have this series on my watchlist but haven't started it yet.  You guys have my interest in it goi... More »
Re: Is it me....channels on Cable????     12/11/2013
We haven't had cable in a L O N G time.  Been streaming movies/TV since it first came out.  It is ... More »
Re: 15 Years today.........     12/11/2013
ABC13 has a news video on a boy beating cancer by taking his autoimmune response and making it a can... More »
Re: A Barenaked Christmas     12/10/2013
... More »
Re: A Barenaked Christmas     12/10/2013
... More »
Re: Wine     12/10/2013
@Heathur: The new Krogers at the front has it.  They have a section for just moscato.  That is... More »

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