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Happy Birthday, Francita     03/23/2015
Hey @francita Are you the one who lives in the EC? I am trying to buy there. ... More »
Oil Industry     03/18/2015
So now they saying the slight rise in prices was a fake hope. Some worry that oil could level out j... More »
Granite Countertops     03/18/2015
@myevilgrin: Agreed! Did a great job on our counters!... More »
Gluten Intolerant     03/18/2015
@Odin: Where The heck did you get these?? My house hasn't seen doughnuts in years. We don'... More »
Need to re-home chihuahua     03/03/2015
Plz ask for vet references and a rehoming fee. She is so cute, so many bad things happen to animals... More »
I need a where I live.     02/06/2015
I think the thing we miss most about kingwood was the feeling of community that this board brought t... More »
Going to tile the whole house     01/02/2015
Anything but carpet. We are looking at buying a home in the EC and don't want carpet. Love the wood... More »
Hi from west side     09/16/2014
Hey, we miss the trees but like all the options over here. We have a lot more gluten free restaura... More »
ADHD     09/13/2014
@Burnsway: Yes, red 40 was a trigger for both me and out son. It still gets my Brain racin... More »
ADHD     09/13/2014
Here is just another bit of info to overload you. A lot of people are discovering that their chil... More »
RC'S pizza     07/29/2014
@elguapo: Where did you eat good gf pizza? ... More »
RC'S pizza     07/27/2014
We eat the gluten free crust. They make the best gf pizza crust. ... More »
Observations from my first 6 months as a Kingwood resident     07/12/2014
We switched places, just moved from kingwood to west houston. It is busier over here but the food... More »
Well...     07/09/2014
I think the mrs and I will lurk occasionally but besides things about Houston, Texas or national new... More »
Need some ideas     07/06/2014
Coloring books, puzzle books, read aloud books, hangman, cards, nap time. ... More »
the world would be better off if     06/29/2014
@CarlSala: Watch a movie called, "The Host". This movie is exactly about making a perfect ... More »
Shoddy Suddenlink Installation     06/27/2014
We have used suddenlink for several yrs with only the rare outage. When our wireless router went ou... More »
Wow! Amazon Prime now $107.17 (w/tax)     06/18/2014
They just added a lot of HBO show content. We are sticking with it as streaming movies, tv with the... More »
Re: Poor scooter.     06/18/2014
@Nurse3 Guys are normally good at making caring females feel bad. Especially if said "caring" fema... More »
Re: Poor scooter.     06/18/2014
@bp2018: Some eat to remember, others eat to forget. Eating can be quite about trying to stuff d... More »

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