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Re: To the 2 woman that jog at 6am in North Woodland Hills     02/23/2017
Pedestrians and runners travel AGANST the traffic (so they can see who almost hits them, booo), when... More »
Re: KW HEB = complete nightmare!     12/31/2016
Thought I'd go to Kroger, no parking places, more peeps coming in. I exited, toward HEB, figuring bu... More »
Re: divorce lawyer?     12/27/2014
I believe there are good ones(lawyers) out there that know the law and our rights  better than we ... More »
divorce lawyer?     12/27/2014
My dear friend, who has been married a long time, needs a good divorce lawyer in the Kingwood area o... More »
Re: Dermatologist in Kingwood area?     09/22/2014
Thanks all! I got in!!, in 5 weeks, not too bad.  I guess.  Not Dr. Smith tho he's booked til Nov.... More »
Dermatologist in Kingwood area?     09/22/2014
Would appreciate any recommendations on dermatologist in the Kingwood area.Thanks. ... More »
Re: Why all the police on Kingwood drive?     07/22/2014
Across from the fire station and down towards Woodland , sorry I forget the name of the neighborhood... More »
Why all the police on Kingwood drive?     07/22/2014
Anyone know whats going on? Several police cars blocking the neighborhood on Kingwood drive, traffic... More »
Re: Observations from my first 6 months as a Kingwood resident     07/12/2014
We've lived here since' 06 and I travel for a living.  I find the news is pretty much the same wher... More »
Re: Dermatologist     07/12/2014
Thanks all!, Really appreciate all your input! Have a great day!... More »
Re: Dermatologist     07/10/2014
Thank you, was it hard to get an appointment? ... More »
Dermatologist     07/10/2014
Hi, I'm looking for a dermatologist, for general skin care, preventative mole removal, maybe even s... More »
Re: Stein Mart closed?     09/07/2013
Hope so, Sounds temporary to me. Didn't know if fire  or flood. Thanks.  ... More »
Stein Mart closed?     09/07/2013
Anyone know why Stein Mart is closed? There's a sign on the door that says 'closed until further not... More »
Don't care for Elegant on Northpark, pricey and not that friendly,  I seem to always go back to Oc... More »
Re: "Livable Forest"     01/10/2013
I've lived here since 06 and have lived all over the country as well.. i'm from the north but feel ... More »
Re: Local 2 news van     09/01/2012
good points...just gotta add;... or call 911.. and keep driving...HELLLOOOO..... and KNOW where your... More »
Re: Free Fitness Classes     08/31/2012
So when and where are the classes?... More »
Re: Crime In Kingwood     08/31/2012
@sassy:  Hellloooo people... welll, ok.. here  goes...thats what I said,.. " not a rape, its a... More »
Re: Crime In Kingwood     08/30/2012
I just signed up for the report and went over the first email listing. For a 'months w... More »

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