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Re: George Michael     12/29/2016
George Michael IMO was a so gifted musically.   He had issues and I believe he was a troubled soul... More »
Re: Let's rant     12/23/2016
My rant is......   I was supposed to get off of work at noon and I am still here......   ughhhh... More »
Re: What is on your Christmas wish list?     12/22/2016
Since I am hosting Christmas Eve and Christmas day, I just want to get through it without anyone bri... More »
Re: For Lunch I had a quarter pounder with cheese     12/22/2016
I think Ray has been drinking for the last 48 hours or so... lol... More »
Re: Thwarted Blow up Santa thieves!!!     12/22/2016
I have the projector that projects lights on my house... white snowflakes...  I have woken up sever... More »
Re: Lost a puppy in the Bear Branch neighborhood     12/22/2016
@princecharming: I think I have seen him in Elm Grove???????  ... More »
Re: I just found out....     12/21/2016
@ProblemAgain: Then he is out of luck, I don't have  small ones...   (lol) ... More »
Re: I just found out....     12/20/2016
I plan to get one for my mid life 50th Birthday coming up...... Something small and not In Your Face... More »
Re: Contest - T&T Tree Service....     12/20/2016
@Retired_Engineer: Thank you !!!! ... More »
Re: Contest - T&T Tree Service....     12/20/2016
@lola: It is , and untended one at that !!!! ... More »
Re: Contest - T&T Tree Service....     12/16/2016
No I have many trees...  But it's a start..... More »
Just when you thought HEB threads were a thing of the past....     12/16/2016
Anyone notice that it is taking longer for the gas pumps to be completed then it did for the store t... More »
Re: Contest - T&T Tree Service....     12/16/2016
Fingers Crossed.....   I can't tell you how much I need this for my front yard........ More »
Re: Kingwood Teacher Resigns After Text Goes Public     12/15/2016
@dt3001: all White people are over sensitive... LOL ... More »
Re: Abby (Golden Retriever) is missing!     12/15/2016
If she is anything like my golden she will go straight to the water !!!!   Good luck !!!... More »
Re: CHL     12/15/2016
WOW.  I am glad you are taking steps to protect yourself and your property.  I do HIGHLY recommend... More »
Re: Vanguard, Fidelity, Ameritrade?     12/13/2016
Edward Jones... More »
Re: Cane's     12/13/2016
I also tried Canes last week.  My son loves it and has been several times....  I think he is inter... More »
Re: Eyewitness news in kingwood     12/09/2016
SHOCKER alert the media..... More »
Re: White dog blue shirt     12/09/2016
My sister could not get him to follow her home.....   Anyone recognize this pup??... More »

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