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Re: community radio     08/07/2017
24/7 Justin Bieber's Despacito...... Oh never mind we already have that !!!... More »
Re: It is with profound sorrow     08/07/2017
@retired_engineer  I am so sorry for your loss.  Losing a pet is terrible....  and yes, I seem to... More »
Re: Ancestral DNA tests     08/04/2017
@engel989: Good, if they catch some bad guys that is fantastic..  I have nothing ... More »
Re: Ancestral DNA tests     08/04/2017
@v1kings28: Just checked 23 and me out online.. I am going to be doing this soon !... More »
Re: Pretty Cool (Solar Eclipse related)     08/04/2017
@ZMAN: Where my sister lives in Nebraska is said to the BEST place for viewing.. Her lil town is c... More »
Re: Ancestral DNA tests     08/04/2017
@ET: I would find it interesting if my sisters and I all did it and compared results.... ... More »
Re: Poll     08/04/2017
I prefer with beans...    If there are NO beans it belongs on a chili dog...  lol... More »
Re: I switched car/home insurance today     08/03/2017
I left Liberty Mutual a couple year back myself... Started out good, but they just kept raising the ... More »
Re: New Whataburger In Kingwood     08/03/2017
@Astros_fan05: REALLY???  So not true.  Lots of folks work night shifts,... More »
Re: Time for football!!     08/03/2017
@PedroDePacas: EXACTLY what a bunch of buzz kills...  I am super excited to have ... More »
Re: Torchy's tacos     08/02/2017
I agree being swarmed by flies when I eat is a NO....  If you constantly are swatting flies off you... More »
Re: Piglet in East End     08/01/2017
If its domesticated its gonna get eaten out there....... More »
Re: ...Keepin' it groovy-good since 08/01/75....     08/01/2017
Happy Happy Birthday !!!... More »
Re: Experience with MID-size SUVs?     08/01/2017
I actually really like my KIA Sorrento..   The size is perfect for me....  I would like to upgrad... More »
Re: Help finding puppy     08/01/2017
@lisa0044: I love that breed but I can not have a dog with that short of a lifespa... More »
Re: Vandalizm in Forest Cove     08/01/2017
Be sure to get the egg off your car ASAP.  My sons hood is ruined because the egg wasn't cleaned of... More »
Re: Kingwood Post Office - What happened?     08/01/2017
I sure hope the changes will also include mowing and planting some flower beds.. That place looks te... More »
Re: Travel trailer vs Pop up Camper     08/01/2017
@SwaggyG: WE camp every year and I totally disagree with your statement... I have ... More »
Re: Boston Terrier missing in Woodstream     07/31/2017
bump -  I hope they find this puppy that breed does not tolerate heat very well....... More »
Re: Travel trailer vs Pop up Camper     07/31/2017
I have owned both....  I recommend renting a few times to determine what works for you...The ease o... More »

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