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Re: Question for Antique Shoppers...     11/16/2016
You should find those mirrors in any large antique mall... They are a dime a dozen....Good luck !!!... More »
Re: People     11/15/2016
This thread sux without pictures !!!!!... More »
Re: OK, how do ya survive much less pay for     11/15/2016
I was thinking the same thing... selling more than just ice cream...... More »
Re: Please tell me it's just a rumor...     11/15/2016
@Melanie: My son heard that same rumor. ... More »
Re: Rico's - by Randalls????? Happy Hour??     11/11/2016
Just called 2.99 Rita's until 6:00... More »
Re: Clint Eastwood’s Twitter Account Suspended After Praising Trump     11/11/2016
Sounds exactly like something Clint Eastwood would say........ More »
Re: Holiday Traditions     11/11/2016
WE allowed the kids to open one gift on Christmas Eve.Midnight Mass became one of my boys favorite t... More »
Re: Guess who...     11/11/2016
@thegoodwife: wow, if it is true that is pretty darn amazing... ... More »
Rico's - by Randalls????? Happy Hour??     11/11/2016
We meet some friends for Margaritas and Food - YES in that order...  every Friday night for Happy H... More »
Re: Liberal hypocrisy stronger than ever     11/11/2016
@donnatella: I heard one college handed out coloring books and play dough to students to help th... More »
Re: Favorite soups     11/10/2016
@HollyHobby: Yum, sounds great but I'm gonna have to cut the peas and mushrooms...  lol ... More »
Re: I found an honest ELECTRICIAN !!     11/10/2016
@Fallon: Thank you both !!! ... More »
Re: Favorite soups     11/10/2016
I like French onion soup.... YUM... More »
Re: Tree trimming or removal recommendation     11/10/2016
Really?? I need some branches cut down, but I am terrified of what the cost will be....... More »
Re: I found an honest ELECTRICIAN !!     11/10/2016
hummmmm  I hope it' good info !    I need a light fixture installed in my two story entry.. Our ... More »
Re: Nut Cracker Market     11/10/2016
@NiceBottomsUp: I have been my #1 tip is .......................  Wear comfy shoes !!!!!  And ... More »
Re: Money, money, money     11/09/2016
@Fallon: I'm shocked.....  It was predicted to go down quite a bit if Trump won... Oh well.. th... More »
Re: Money, money, money     11/09/2016
It will bounce back...   Markets hate the unexpected....  Time to BUY !!!!... More »
Re: Donald Trump WINS The Presidency!     11/09/2016
@Fallon: Very well stated !!!   I am not excited about Trump.. But I do believe Hillary is evi... More »
Re: Ladies, question     11/08/2016
Depends on the legs...   lol... More »

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