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Re: Home burglary resulted in thief being shot ?     09/19/2016
We all know the media likes to call anything within 25 miles of Kingwood - Kingwood...  Drives me c... More »
Re: I made this today!     09/19/2016
Wreaths sell really well.   If you think about it the options are endless.... Seasons, holidays, h... More »
Re: YES! One of life's simple pleasures     09/19/2016
@ctl74: Sure thing !!  I like to think I'm pretty "hip" for a old lady !!  lol   Except I ju... More »
Re: Ahs 6     09/15/2016
I watched... It is so different then the last few years...  I'm gonna give it a chance though...  ... More »
Re: Watcha eating for dinner?     09/15/2016
Salad - same thing I have been having for a couple weeks now, with few exceptions...... More »
Re: Donuts and Kolaches     09/15/2016
Pats on 1314 is amazing !!!!   They have one that is sausage wrapped in bacon kolache.Now STOP I'm... More »
Re: Do you use your dining room???     09/15/2016
18 years never used it.  Such a waste...  ... More »
Re: I can tell fall is on the way!     09/14/2016
BRING IT !!!... More »
Re: Prayers Requested     09/14/2016
I know it is hard, but try to stay positive... Praying for good news and strength.  ((hugs))... More »
Re: Another Thug gets the bad end of deal cause of his thieving!     09/13/2016
@Jeff1928: That's how it works.  Folks don't always tell the truth.  Just a formality. ... More »
Re: recommendations for real estate agent     09/13/2016
Jeff Denning with REmax  - Super guy , Super honest...  Helped my parents sell their home in Conro... More »
Re: FIFTY SHADES trailer for Part 2 coming out tomorrow     09/13/2016
I loved the books and loved the movie too !!!!  I did not care for the casting, I had a different i... More »
Re: Football Pots (2016)     09/12/2016
PM ME !!!!  ... More »
Re: Texans Football     09/12/2016
A win is a Win -  Pretty or not...   GO TEXANS  !!!... More »
Re: Prayers for Safety44     09/12/2016
Not sure what Is going on.. But I hope things get better !!  ((hugs))... More »
Re: Animal ark     09/09/2016
Good luck.. If you love the kitty go for it...   I would just get it to a vet and checked out quic... More »
Re: Animal ark     09/09/2016
I don't know they seem kind of dirty to me.  I would rather adopt from Pet Smart   Where I am sur... More »
Re: Animal ark     09/09/2016
I wouldn't think so.......... More »
Re: 2017 KIA Sorento     09/09/2016
I LOVE my KiA Sorrento... More »
Re: If you are inclined :)     09/08/2016

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