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Re: What was the coolest pet you had or have?     03/16/2016
I don't guess you would call them pets.. But I hand fed  and raised 3 squirrels after Hurrican Rita... More »
Re: Last Auction.... March 18th ( Approved)     03/16/2016
@Stealth83: We are ... More »
Re: Who to call     03/16/2016 More »
Last Auction.... March 18th ( Approved)     03/16/2016
Texas Auctioneers   20848 Hwy 59 South. Approved - Paid sponsorFriday, Ma... More »
Re: Beer of Choice?     03/15/2016
I HATE beer.. I am a ....Jack and Coke orTexas Tea Kinda girl........ More »
Re: Copperhead     03/15/2016
I see 4 as well.... More »
Re: Lake Houston Beautification     03/15/2016
Thank you for all you have done !!!!  It is a beautiful area, I ride my bike out that way all the t... More »
Re: WARNING - THEFT DANGER     03/15/2016
I think if you leave your porch dark it is an opportunity for the thief to work without worry of bei... More »
Re: A bit like a human bird feeder.....     03/15/2016
@QueenB: Great idea !!!  We almost put one at the Mills Branch Neighborhood park, but we were w... More »
Re: You know why?     03/15/2016
  This is your brain and this is your brain on drugs....... More »
Re: Front door restoration     03/15/2016
@DanStanton: lol - she wasn't talking about you... ... More »
Re: KW Meat Market     03/15/2016
yes they are awesome !!  Go look t the line on a Saturday morning for your proof.. lol... More »
Re: Missing puppy husky mix     03/15/2016
Find a better pet sitter... A pup like that should not be outside unattended... If it doesn't run it... More »
Re: Missing rabbit and cat     03/14/2016
@tazman: That's a long way from Woodstream, Mills Branch. ... More »
Re: BOYCOTT Marble Slab near Randall's - poor service and intentionally/admits overcharges     03/14/2016
@POTUS: If that is on there window then YES everyone should raise hell...   False Advertising ... More »
Re: Furniture repair     03/14/2016
Reeves is great !!!  They are customers of ours.. However this job appears fairly minor....  Clamp... More »
Re: BOYCOTT Marble Slab near Randall's - poor service and intentionally/admits overcharges     03/14/2016
I feel really sorry for the kids working there to have to deal with what sounds like very shady busi... More »
Re: Danielle Jones     03/11/2016
I hope she is able to testify against him...  POS belongs behind bars life.... More »
Re: Please support us in our new business venture     03/11/2016
@BooBear: facial???    LOL ... More »
Re: Husband is walking out on me and the kids     03/11/2016
Did he give you a reason???  That may determine if a "break" would work or if a divorce is in the c... More »

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