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Re: Trouble at KHS dance last Sat.?     09/27/2016
Good lord high school kids will sneak alcohol.. Remember the days of spiked punch???  It happens ev... More »
Re: Oh. NO HE DIDN'T!!!!     09/27/2016
@herron1345: WAIT???  Rosie has fans??????? ... More »
College Football Tickets.... U of H     09/27/2016
I want to surprise my husband for his Birthday and get him and my two sons tickets to seeU of H vs L... More »
Re: Pet Ranch Is A Winner!!!     09/23/2016
I worked for the Pet Ranch for about 5 years back in high school and after.  I was in FFA and that ... More »
Re: Single Men Sleep Better     09/21/2016
Because they don't have to worry about a woman smothering them with a pillow while they sleep......... More »
Re: Lost dog     09/20/2016
Obviously he has been well taken care of.. I am sure someone will claim him.  He may very well be c... More »
Re: Angelina Jolie files for divorce from Brad Pitt     09/20/2016
@CantStandTex: LOL - Fair Enough.... ... More »
Re: Angelina Jolie files for divorce from Brad Pitt     09/20/2016
@CantStandTex: Irrelevant?  Then why post here or mention it at all??????   Just curious... ... More »
Re: Trying to remove old wallpaper     09/20/2016
Save time and stress.. Cut new shelves...   LOL   I hate wallpaper.  I too made the mistake of ... More »
Re: Angelina Jolie files for divorce from Brad Pitt     09/20/2016
Not surprised....  I am still mad over the Jennifer Anniston saga...  lol... More »
Re: Suggestions?     09/20/2016
I have found by the time you pay to go somewhere local, hotel, food, gas, etc.... You could easily h... More »
Re: The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey     09/20/2016
@KWKayaker: I just cant buy that they would go to such extremes,... They could report is as an a... More »
Re: FOUND DOG!!!!!!!     09/19/2016
@Shelbywarren: Please don't take him to the god awful place !!   I went there on Saturday and ... More »
Re: Home burglary resulted in thief being shot ?     09/19/2016
We all know the media likes to call anything within 25 miles of Kingwood - Kingwood...  Drives me c... More »
Re: I made this today!     09/19/2016
Wreaths sell really well.   If you think about it the options are endless.... Seasons, holidays, h... More »
Re: YES! One of life's simple pleasures     09/19/2016
@ctl74: Sure thing !!  I like to think I'm pretty "hip" for a old lady !!  lol   Except I ju... More »
Re: Ahs 6     09/15/2016
I watched... It is so different then the last few years...  I'm gonna give it a chance though...  ... More »
Re: Watcha eating for dinner?     09/15/2016
Salad - same thing I have been having for a couple weeks now, with few exceptions...... More »
Re: Donuts and Kolaches     09/15/2016
Pats on 1314 is amazing !!!!   They have one that is sausage wrapped in bacon kolache.Now STOP I'm... More »
Re: Do you use your dining room???     09/15/2016
18 years never used it.  Such a waste...  ... More »

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