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Re: what is this growing in my backyard ?     06/27/2016
ewwww   Hulk testicle jelly......   lolLooks like a fig,Ie had a huge fig tree in our backyard a... More »
Re: Yes! I need to find these.     06/24/2016
I don't think the girls leave a drink sitting long enough to get warm..... lol... More »
JJ Watt Fans.....     06/24/2016
JJ will be on the Tonight show tonight !!!!!    You're welcome...... More »
Re: Emaciated husky needs a foster     06/24/2016
@XpatQN: may not have been a good fit...  ... More »
Re: One or two, but not all of them please     06/24/2016
I will gather up some for you....  I have a bunch.   I will try to get them to your before the ne... More »
Re: So, heard this at a gas station...     06/23/2016
I applaud them making an effort to better themselves.  It is the cruel attitude and comments by oth... More »
Re: So, heard this at a gas station...     06/23/2016
@starryskies67: Good for you !!!!!   I hate rude people who think their sh*t doesn't stink !!!... More »
Re: Kingwood P.O. Issues?     06/23/2016
I would be happy if they would just maintain the property....   That place looks ghetto !!!!... More »
Re: Fallon     06/23/2016
@fallon  I am so sorry for your loss...   They are in a better place but it sure is hard on the h... More »
Re: Who is watching BIG BROTHER?     06/23/2016
My name is Lonnie and I watch Big Brother...Victor reminds me of my oldest son... Not personality bu... More »
Re: This is a thing     06/23/2016
That is just so dirty and nasty !!!!... More »
Re: Hillary & Trump I'm on the Fence     06/22/2016
I can NOT in good conscience vote for either one of them... First election I will not be participati... More »
Re: Pups need homes :(     06/22/2016
@aimboat: Good Luck, I hope these two get to stay together......  makes me sad they might be sp... More »
Re: Summer shots (the kind with liquor)     06/22/2016
@Macdaddy: This is one of my favorites !!!!!!  YUM ... More »
Re: Cat?     06/21/2016
My cat did that at 18 before I had to put him down...  He went downhill really quickly once he star... More »
Re: We lost a cat! Sherwood trails     06/21/2016
Put the littler box outside... this may help.   If he is a indoor outdoor cat, he may try to find ... More »
Re: This just happened     06/21/2016
@donnatellaActually makes perfect sense that the crafters need to prepare well in advance.  Great p... More »
Re: Godmother?     06/20/2016
I child's bible. Or some type of keepsake....Start a 529 or savings account maybe...... More »

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