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Super Estate Sale - by Tx Auctioneers - K.C Approved     10/20/2016
Bump. Sales starts tomorrow. ... More »
Super Estate Sale - by Tx Auctioneers - K.C Approved     10/19/2016 ApprovedWe have a really great sale this weekend.  Friday, October 21st and Saturday t... More »
Re: Great Game Texans     10/17/2016
I am so glad I stayed up and didn't throw in the towel !!!!... More »
Re: Texans still in first place     10/17/2016
I am so excited they won..  I am a die hard fan..  It makes me sad that Texans fans are so fair we... More »
Re: CenturyLink - Internet down?????     10/14/2016
I was able to contact them, should be up by tomorrow... Wonder if I will get a credit???LOL... More »
CenturyLink - Internet down?????     10/14/2016
I live in Mills Branch - have not had internet since late last night ..... anyone else?????... More »
Re: Low HDL     10/14/2016
I take a fish oil pill each day...   worked wonders and I hate fish...   Can't taste a thing.. I... More »
Re: I Didn't Know.....     10/13/2016
lol, someone needs to put a comb over on that seal...   lol... More »
Re: Kittens for adoption     10/13/2016
@donnatella: you sure you're talking about cats and not yourself???   LOL ... More »
Re: Ab crack?     10/13/2016
I think if you stick your finger down your throat several times a day, that might do it....  eye ro... More »
Re: We need     10/13/2016
I think the women on this board would put you guys to shame!!... More »
Re: Good color combos for tan brick     10/13/2016
@Fallon: It is very possible and likely the color was NOT approved.  They may likely have a lie... More »
Re: Wisdom of Mike Rowe     10/13/2016
I love Mike Rowe and I hate both Killery and Trump... More »
Re: Anyone else stuck in age denial?     10/13/2016
@ZMAN: keep wondering !!!!   lol ... More »
Re: Anyone else stuck in age denial?     10/12/2016
I also am in denial...  I figure  my kids are finally out of the house and I have the mone... More »
Re: Lost How Much?     10/12/2016
hummmm   I know where Bill likes to hide things......   ... More »
Re: One horrible day     10/12/2016
 I am so sorry for your loss.  I am so glad the two of you had to chance to get close, life is too... More »
Re: Baby deer RIP     10/11/2016
@gypsygrl2: You have no way of knowing that...  COME ON.  I love animals and I swerve to miss ... More »
Re: Flasher in kingwood!!!!     10/06/2016
If it was an office building, were there any security cameras?  I am sorry your daughter had to dea... More »
Re: Mail Service Has Stopped     10/05/2016
@QueenB: oooohhhh thank you !!!  My mail gets wet every time it rains....  The mail box is in ... More »

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