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Re: Travel trailer/ RV lifestyle     07/20/2016
Some of our favorite places are....Inks Lake - Austin AreaGarner State Park ( or closeby  nannas or... More »
Re: Travel trailer/ RV lifestyle     07/20/2016
WE have both owned and rented trailers when are kids were smaller....  They can be a great thing or... More »
Re: Wreath Thief in Eagle Springs     07/20/2016
That is so wrong !!!!   I hope she is enjoying being shamed on social media.   I really hope she... More »
Re: Queen     07/19/2016
lol   I thought this was for @queenb... More »
Re: For Donnatella     07/19/2016
Okay @ Ray  Now that you have us all worked up.......  What now????  lol... More »
Re: For Donnatella     07/19/2016
That was a gift to us all !!!!!   Thank you !!!  I especially enjoyed the guy with the hat at the... More »
Re: I broke down and bought     07/19/2016
My hubby worked for BlueBell for 20 years...  They guys run their routes very early in the morning.... More »
Re: Has anyone done the 2 Step yet???     07/18/2016
@myevilgrin: And there are Pokémon too !!!!   lol ... More »
Re: Best Chinese food     07/15/2016
oops I missed the Buffet part...   Neither Hins nor Jade Palace are buffet restaurants.... More »
Re: Best Chinese food     07/15/2016
Jade Palace in humble.   Not much to look at but damn good food...In Kingwood I like Hins, still d... More »
Re: What to do, what to do...     07/14/2016
Life it too short.  Move on she doesn't sound like much of a friend.... More »
Re: Bee stings     07/14/2016
Tobacco... More »
Re: Online English Vocabulary Test     07/14/2016
Top 7% for me... More »
Re: Wear Blue For Dallas 7/14     07/14/2016
I forgot....  I'm going  to the supply cabinet and make a blue ribbon....... More »
Re: Skero's BBQ     07/13/2016
Can't wait to give them a try.  As a business owner I KNOW how hard it is and how long it takes to ... More »
Re: My 12 year old likes the F*word     07/12/2016
My son is not a curser until his bedroom door is closed headphones are on and he is logged on play... More »
Re: 4th of July Tradition     07/01/2016
We spend it at the Frio River ....   When I am in town, I like to check out the fishing contest fo... More »
Re: Gray Dodge Charger - Lic plate GWY- _____     07/01/2016
I realize lots of adults drive crappy as well.  I guess what bothered me the most was that he had a... More »
Re: DW is not to keen on taking the black lab home yet.     07/01/2016
@Chrisinkingwood: Whatever it takes....  lol ... More »
Re: DW is not to keen on taking the black lab home yet.     06/30/2016
@Chrisinkingwood: Don't let him get away !!!!  Leave the wife, bring the dog..   LOL  JUST K... More »

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