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Re: What are the most exciting vacation activities for you     02/15/2017
I love cruising...  I love the beach with all inclusive drinks.  I love to snorkel, I recently swa... More »
Re: Towing at River Grove     02/13/2017
Why would soccer folks not park at the soccer field???  I mean if you want to beat the system you c... More »
Re: Great Auction This Week - Feb 9th - Approved     02/10/2017
@QueenB: I don't think so.. If she was there I didn't see her..... More »
Re: Great Auction This Week - Feb 9th - Approved     02/10/2017
Thanks to those why came out..   I scored 3 MK purses, some brand new curtains, a lladro figurine ... More »
Re: siamese cat personalities     02/10/2017
I had one as a kid that had skin issues and was really pretty mean... HOWEVER I hate judging a entir... More »
Re: What time do you get your mail?????     02/09/2017
I usually get the mail about the 5th of the month... LOL   My mailbox it always crammed full........ More »
Re: Great Auction This Week - Feb 9th - Approved     02/09/2017
@QueenB: NOOOOOOO  !!!!!   Who will I chat with !!!!    Dang it, this is not... More »
Re: Valentine's Contest Winners!!     02/09/2017
congrats guys !!!!... More »
Re: Great Auction This Week - Feb 9th - Approved     02/09/2017
@yankeejessica: I wont get there till about 6:00 but I will check and see if it lo... More »
Re: Pet Peeve - Service Industry     02/09/2017
@AuthorMan: To remove the bottom of the shower to get to the pipes...... More »
Pet Peeve - Service Industry     02/08/2017
Is it just me that thinks something is just not right when you call out a service man... say for a p... More »
Re: Where to get Foil Highlights?     02/08/2017
@Bearfin: That's odd, Catherine is who I use.   She is fantastic !!!   If you ... More »
Re: Bandit Sign Removal     02/08/2017
@J2911: Nope and you never will  ;-)... More »
Re: Bandit Sign Removal     02/08/2017
We put up signs when we have an estate sale... we put them up In the morning and take them down at 5... More »
Great Auction This Week - Feb 9th - Approved     02/08/2017 approved ...Here is the link to this weeks auction.  Contents are an Estate out of the... More »
Re: Red Go Cart hit and run Creekwood     02/06/2017
@Txbutterfly: I would still report it.. To be honest constables and HPD many times... More »
Re: Anyone hVe this book I can buy?     02/06/2017
My kids find most of the school books at half price bookstore super cheap... Just a thought..... More »
Re: 1. Lady Gaga Did Go Anti Trump     02/06/2017
@calguy: She's plenty rich... But she was not paid for her halftime performance.... More »
Re: Need opinion on audio books please     02/03/2017
Rules of Prey - John Sanford !!!!  Leads into a huge series if you like the first one.... More »

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