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Re: Can anyone recommend a good psychic in the KW area?     06/30/2016
My friends and I did this last time we went to New Orleans....  I guess it was kind of fun, but I w... More »
Re: Oh Crap     06/30/2016
@WskyTngoFxtrt: Haven't heard form you In awhile,  I guess a good TWSS opportunity is all it to... More »
Re: DW is not to keen on taking the black lab home yet.     06/29/2016
Good luck... You have all us dog peeps on supporting you !!!... More »
Re: Funny response to creepy Kanye video     06/29/2016
I am not nor have I ever been impressed with anything Kanye....... More »
Re: HPD Running Man Challenge Video     06/29/2016
I gotta say I was not impressed with the dance moves but I am glad to see them having fun.  I hope ... More »
Re: Oh Crap     06/29/2016
@fofa  I am so sorry.  I hope you got a great package.  Take a deep breath and take your time..... More »
Re: Which kind of witch?     06/29/2016
You are Maleficent from "Sleeping Beauty!" You are poised, graceful, and stunningly powerful. You pr... More »
Re: How to kill....     06/29/2016
I have one in the front yard and I hate it........ More »
Re: Kingwood Fireworks launch site?     06/27/2016
I think it is on the golf course.. You have great viewing from HEB, Kingwood High School, or town ce... More »
Re: Fireworks in neighborhoods or not ? Time to stop?     06/27/2016
@buffaloglenn: That would be a bit excessive...  If it was in the city limits I would report it... More »
Re: Tanner needs a foster     06/27/2016
Thank you to whom ever stepped up !!!!!   fingers crossed it's a match!!... More »
Re: Fireworks in neighborhoods or not ? Time to stop?     06/27/2016
People act like this is a new phenomena.....  It's a holiday.  I loved fireworks as a kid, and I s... More »
Re: Daddy Jax     06/27/2016
prayers for you dad !!!... More »
Re: Creeptastic dream(?) last night...     06/27/2016
YIKES, yes that is a bit creepy...... More »
Re: JJ Watt Fans.....     06/27/2016
He is amazing.  Has great work ethic.  I bet he still works harder than most anyone in the NFL. ... More »
Re: It's all about the toast...     06/27/2016
11 or 15... More »
Re: what is this growing in my backyard ?     06/27/2016
ewwww   Hulk testicle jelly......   lolLooks like a fig,Ie had a huge fig tree in our backyard a... More »
Re: Yes! I need to find these.     06/24/2016
I don't think the girls leave a drink sitting long enough to get warm..... lol... More »
JJ Watt Fans.....     06/24/2016
JJ will be on the Tonight show tonight !!!!!    You're welcome...... More »
Re: Emaciated husky needs a foster     06/24/2016
@XpatQN: may not have been a good fit...  ... More »

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