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Re: Dow jones     01/27/2017
The market is over due for a sell off but those who pulled their money out last time are kicking the... More »
Re: Any good movies playing     01/27/2017
Don't see Split..... not worth price of admission.... More »
Re: Who are the best realtors in Kingwood?     01/25/2017
Jeff Denning with Remax...   If you search this site there are several other posts on this topic.... More »
Re: Wow really?     01/24/2017
I just saw the story on   Some home healthcare woman hitting an elderly woman in her care... More »
Re: Many Thanks for the new Polo, @KingwoodDotcom     01/24/2017
Got mine as well !!!   many thanks !!!!... More »
Re: Trump today     01/24/2017
I wish someone would take his phone away.. LOL... More »
Re: Inauguration Crowd Size     01/24/2017
I agree that the issue is NOT the size of the crowd, but how you use it... LOLJust kidding, the issu... More »
Re: WH Website Now English Only     01/24/2017
I can curse someone out in Spanish and ask for a beer or bathroom... So I am good.... More »
Re: Out of curiosity     01/20/2017
I tend to agree with you @Burnsway... More »
Re: Ivanka's white suit is stunning!     01/20/2017
Ivanka has incredible taste..   She always looks amazing...  I am a fan !... More »
Re: What do you think of this? (Baby Shower Etiquette)     01/20/2017
I don't mind..... But the first invitation worded the request much better and gave the option for a ... More »
Re: AMERICA IS GREAT ONCE AGAIN!!!!!     01/20/2017
@TexasOma: Michelle looks even worse... ... More »
Re: Here we go!!!! Oaths have begun.     01/20/2017
Like Him or Hate Him, he is our president.. God Bless him, his advisors and our Country.... More »
Re: Here we go!!!! Oaths have begun.     01/20/2017
I THINK I saw a tear...... More »
Re: Here we go!!!! Oaths have begun.     01/20/2017
Pence looks very presidential...  Wish Trump would smile....... More »
Re: I give it a year before the dirty rat is impeached!     01/20/2017
there is currently a rush on diapers...   Just saying....... More »
Re: Ivanka's white suit is stunning!     01/20/2017
I have to say the future first lady looks great as well - love the blue !!!... More »
Re: Saying goodbye to my Dog     01/19/2017
3 years and I am still heartbroken.. I keep my Mufassa's tags on my keychain... ... More »
Re: Tonight's Auction - Approved     01/19/2017
@QueenB: actually I don't.   I have something I need tested as well...  :-(... More »
Re: HELP: escaped kitten at kingwood dr/w.lake houston pkwy     01/19/2017
I work really close to that area, I will keep a look out.....   There is a hawk that hangs out in ... More »

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