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Re: Seinfeld Snubs Kesha     06/09/2017
It's my understanding he has a phobia of germs... I don't think he would have shook her hand either.... More »
Re: I just don't get Whataburger     06/09/2017
OMG  I love them !!!   Add jalapenos please..   And I'm gonna be in trouble when the one by HEB... More »
Re: Josh Reddick Autograph Session In Kingwood     06/08/2017
By being one of the first 225 in line.... I am guessing... More »
Re: Father's day is around the corner...     06/07/2017
On a lighter note my husband needs a new wallet, and I have already told the kids.... More »
Re: Father's day is around the corner...     06/07/2017
Gonna be a really sad day for me since I just lost my dad the day before mothers day....  I plan to... More »
Re: We've lost a traffic citation     06/07/2017
Unless you have a police report saying the car was stolen I am pretty sure the person the car is reg... More »
Re: Beware of Exclusive Furniture & their LIES     06/06/2017
@donnatella: Funny you should say that .... I purchased a livingroom set and bedroom set off one o... More »
Re: Drink of choice?     06/06/2017
Beer - ICK !!  Too many  games of quarters in my youth... Can not even stand the smell....Frozen R... More »
Re: Theft loss... income tax deduction?     06/05/2017
@QueenB   I am so sorry someone stole from you guys....    KARMA !!!!... More »
Re: Mark Ryan     06/05/2017
He is great !!!  He has been so good to my parents.. working with them on repairs...  I have gotte... More »
Re: Hin's is the worst     06/02/2017
I prefer Hins to Hunan....  sorry... More »
Re: Definition of "busty"?!?     05/31/2017
@Fallon: Me too !!!  I would trade mine in for a C cup anyday !!!!!... More »
Re: Definition of "busty"?!?     05/31/2017
@retired_engineer     Are you make an attempt at getting pics???   lol... More »
Re: Happy Hour?     05/25/2017
I'm still recovering from yesterdays Hump Day happy hour....... More »
Re: Just backed up my car into the house     05/25/2017
@Momof2boyz: I did the same thing a few years back.....  I am still replaying it ... More »
Re: It's NOT Dirty Dancing without Swayze!     05/25/2017
It was terrible...   I didn't like the casting at all for Baby or Johnny.. ick !!!!  No thank you... More »
Re: Auto Ins Claim questions.....     05/24/2017
I guess when I think of driving for a living I think Uber or bus driver not delivering food part tim... More »
Auto Ins Claim questions.....     05/24/2017
Okay, so my son who attends college in San Antonio had a minor fender bender in an apartment complex... More »
Re: Bubble May be Broken...     05/24/2017
@Brewsir: Smart Dog !!  They say go to the smallest interior room.....  lol... More »

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