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**ROLL CALL** Please Check In     08/30/2017
@herron1345: Herron, thanks for thinking of us. We are well and dry. Me and family were help... More »
am I the last one to do this?     08/27/2017
I watched very little news this far. Watching shark tank, drinking more beer. Cheers ... More »
Austin     08/27/2017
@e: North Park if floodd by the Catholic Church . Past that it's OK to 59. It's about 2.5 t... More »
To the Idiots     08/27/2017
@PLBurr: I still say they fuked up, no such thing as a catagory 6 hurricane. [img]https... More »
Road closures and flooded areas     08/27/2017
I had to go retrieve some medication. Northpark closed to all low cars and some suvs. Don't try ... More »
ALL IS GOOD HERE!     08/27/2017
WE ARE FUUUUUUUDGED!     08/25/2017
@donnatella: I don't know. .. I do know i will start to classify weather professional's al... More »
WE ARE FUUUUUUUDGED!     08/25/2017
It's official, I'm stage 4 drunk     08/25/2017
@ZMAN: 4? I don't even begin to post or reply till I'm at stage 5. ... More »
Things I have for hurricanes     08/25/2017
all the hurricanes I've been through... All I've ever needed was this: 1. New Trashbag full of wa... More »
Live feed: some guy in Rockport in a carwash     08/25/2017
guys going double rainbow on live feed...... More »
Fist Fights at Costco     08/24/2017
@HollyHobby: I've been drinking rain water since I was a little kid. No purification needed.... More »
Fist Fights at Costco     08/24/2017
@podunk: There's going to be a body or two in the ditch if this doesn't calm down. I blam... More »
Fist Fights at Costco     08/24/2017
People are nuts! Fights breaking out at Costco for water. Don't fear the dead, fear the living! ... More »
This weekend in Kingwood     08/24/2017
@goldie: KHOU said it will be 31 winds with 1500 gust. ... More »
where can I rent a knee scooter     08/24/2017
@Zokomo: More »
Businesses on Northpark     08/24/2017
@jpm: Well, if he's a mechanic. It should be good for business. ... More »
You can laugh at hurricanes, but...     08/24/2017
@CC1974: But Mr. Brown gave us the drain tax to guarantee no more flooding. Stupid Democr... More »
50 inches of rain?     08/24/2017
If any government council gets together and comes out by telling it's citizens they are going to get... More »
Re: Why stock up on water?     08/24/2017
... More »

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