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Snake Eats Man     03/29/2017
They could have waited for the snake to poo him out. Now they have to pay funeral costs. ... More »
Snake Eats Man     03/29/2017
@Boobear eats snake....... .....too soon?... More »
Wrecks in Kingwood     03/29/2017
Can we sue the city for malfunctioning lights. They've know about the issue for how long now? ... More »
Automated Guitar Tuner     03/29/2017
Autotune killed the radio star.... More »
This Just ruins my day !!!     03/29/2017
@ZMAN: I HATE YOU! ... More »
This Just ruins my day !!!     03/29/2017
@ZMAN: I would probably stop eating tacos.... More »
This Just ruins my day !!!     03/29/2017
@princecharming: You talking about someone on this board? I know what you mean, she is such... More »
3 Arrested For Felony Graffiti     03/28/2017
Should be a 5,000 dollar fine a piece for this douchbaggery. And they have to do the cleaning, if t... More »
3 Arrested For Felony Graffiti     03/28/2017
Marijuana, the gateway drug. ... More »
King's Harbor Pier     03/28/2017
@monyhoney: Are those waters deep enough for mid size boats, or are they just for small and ... More »
King's Harbor Pier     03/28/2017
@monyhoney: We should organize a parade in its honor.... More »
Re: Toy Blast...     03/28/2017
yeah, I'm cussing up a storm trying to save these cats ... More »
Re: Has anyone seen the homeless lady lately in Showbiz parking lot?     03/28/2017
She's probably on vacation. ... More »
Re: Toy Blast...     03/27/2017
yep, i'm at level 192....stupid game.... More »
Toy Blast...     03/27/2017
Stupid game.... More »
Snake Identification     03/27/2017
Go tease it with a short stick. :tease:... More »
hitting lessons     03/27/2017
@SwaggyG: Take him to the next level? It's a freaking kid. Let him have fun and enjoy the sp... More »
Ok I heard it!!! Woke me up     03/27/2017
@Ann2800: Your in luck then, congrest is acting tomorrow. Too bad they will be acting as clo... More »
Another great song remake!     03/27/2017
@Retired_Engineer: If you like things slowed down, you should enjoy Richard Cheez.... More »
Re: King's Harbor Pier     03/27/2017
@ET: I guess they finally took my complaint seriously. ... More »

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