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Re: The new iphone is here the new iphone is here     09/08/2016
@donnatella: and.... That's What She Said! ... More »
OPEN INVITE MEET UP!!     09/01/2016
Don't ask a libitards to open their minds, they'll just call you racist. On the op's note, yall... More »
Kingwood Pedestrian Tunnel Update     08/29/2016
I don't have a problem with this, please continue. ... More »
If you get the joke....     08/27/2016
I get it, You've had way too much weed!... More »
Old GM guys....1986 K5 square body question     08/26/2016
@lola: I can make tortillas, corn and flower.... More »
Are You Looking For These Guys...     08/26/2016
I love happy endings.... More »
No, we don't need a CHEERS remake!!     08/25/2016
They did good with Pet's Dragon. ....... More »
Are You Looking For These Guys...     08/25/2016
[img][/img]... More »
Are You Looking For These Guys...     08/25/2016
They were in front of the kingwood middle school and got picked up by animal control. ... [img... More »
Fawns     08/23/2016
Really, was it a Goldie Fawn? [img][/img]... More »
RIP Steven Hill (94) - DA Adam Schiff LAW & ORDER     08/23/2016
Is this the guy from hills street blues? ... More »
The "Perfect" Woman     08/23/2016
They also sent this to ISIS, they came back with this image . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... More »
Re: This forum is super right wing.     08/22/2016
did you ever thing you might just have a shorter left leg?... More »
Car horns?     08/20/2016
@TEXASGIRLMAMMA: Be aware that If you do upgrade your horn to one with more amprage, you wil... More »
Assuming the position.     08/20/2016
@Ray: I may have done 1,2, and even 3. But I've seen Muslims do 5,6,7, and 8.... More »
Northpark Drive     08/20/2016
@Ann2800: [img][/img]... More »
Amazon Echo     08/19/2016
@ET: After you purchasing all your sex toys from them, do you really think it would matter? ... More »
How do you turn off the email notification?     08/19/2016
@dotti573: Use an alternate email you care nothing for.... More »
Clinton Foundation Donates to La Flood Victims     08/19/2016
That tweet ended with #GOHILLARYBITCHFORPOTUS I believe. ....... More »
Should the US swimmers who lied get a pass?     08/18/2016
@Chrisinkingwood: This is why I don't write messages in bathroom stall when I visit third wo... More »

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