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Father's rights to last name at birth     06/30/2016
kid: bye mom i'm going to dad's house today, he got a new boat! mom: WHAT! kid: bye mom i'm going ... More »
Struck a nerve     06/30/2016
Struck a nerve     06/30/2016
@desiream: Did I reply to this? Was I mean? Did I say something to offend you? If no... More »
Ouija Board App     06/30/2016
Don't play with forces you can't possibly comprehend!... More »
Oh Crap     06/30/2016
I would try inspirity, the are bringing up new buildings, that can mean more it to support them.... More »
Oh Crap     06/30/2016
@FoFa: What is it you do,, Linux admin?... More »
KDC, is down for good?     06/29/2016
????? Eh?... More »
Which kind of witch?     06/29/2016
Christopher Walken (Warlock ) [img][/img... More »
pot smell in my back yard....     06/29/2016
@WJo: Don't lie to us! You know you were "following the smell" to see if you a.) Could get a... More »
Fireworks in neighborhoods or not ? Time to stop?     06/29/2016
I didn't move to Houston, Houston moved to me! Now suck it! This year I think instead of explo... More »
What's Causing Floods Around Kingwood??     06/28/2016
@TXCheri: I have, they are fenced off and out of view. We could probably "a bboken fence ent... More »
Re: Have you seen a neurologist?     06/28/2016
not lately, should I?... More »
Re: Not something you see everyday looking out the office window     06/28/2016
did @Zbatcar get a new ride?... More »
Told You So...     06/28/2016
GOP is giving her a free pass so she can be our next POTUS! Don't expect any different outcome fr... More »
Elio car     06/28/2016
if they run a red light, I wonder how these will look after I T-bone the crap out of it!... More »
What's Causing Floods Around Kingwood??     06/28/2016
Considering that we are between the San Jacinto basin is between the Brazos and Trinity Basins... an... More »
First DSLR and First Photos :)     06/28/2016
Pls shoot in raw and then adjust in photoshop. Half of the work is done at the press of the button, ... More »
what is this growing in my backyard ?     06/27/2016
FIG [img][/img]... More »
Vintage Candy     06/26/2016
[img][/img]... More »
Vintage Candy     06/26/2016
[img][/img]... More »

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