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Just Dropped in     05/27/2016
@donnatella: Looking out my back door...... More »
Just Dropped in     05/27/2016
@Lillybean: Shes not there....... More »
Just Dropped in     05/27/2016
To See What Condition My Condition Was In....... More »
Re:     05/27/2016
@donnatella: Don't know what to tell ya.... More »
Re:     05/27/2016
@squirtismyboy: Can I buy a vowel, I haven't a clue what you is say'n bruh.... More »
Re:     05/26/2016
@donnatella: Yes! Din't you know? ... More »
Be safe, looks like a big storm!     05/26/2016
@ozfan: How does wet sound to you?... More »
Spelling Bee     05/26/2016
I asked my coworker, are we watching the indi spelling bee contest. He laughed and said "no, this i... More »
... More »
Future Miss. (Whatever)?     05/26/2016
@donnatella: I blame all the pink Bear's push for common core crap.... More »
Are 2 Pictures worth 2,000 words?     05/26/2016
I hate these stupid food videos.... More »
Greentree suspicious vehicle am I paranoid ?     05/26/2016
@driftdaisy: The weirdest thing was probably you stalking the guy... are you related to Geor... More »
Be safe, looks like a big storm!     05/26/2016
Y'all have a keen eye for the obvious. #tipmyhat2captainobvious ... More »
Females by Hillary     05/25/2016
Asking the pink bear to call that "Thing" Clinton a woman of honor, is like asking the kettle to cal... More »
Just made an amazing low fat dessert     05/23/2016
So you ate 15 servings...., I don't see how this will help.... More »
Dryer issues     05/23/2016
Drying fluid may be low, always check your fluids first.... More »
Monsanto     05/21/2016
@FoFa: Bull chit! ... More »
Man Screaming at Car on WLH near Creekwood     05/17/2016
@scrina: Was it a maroon mustang convertible?... More »
Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breed in 2016     05/09/2016
@taramay: That's cause that pit was giving fighting pointers to your catahoo. ... More »
Does anyone iron sheets anymore?     05/09/2016
I'm surprised that most peeps here even know what sheet are.... More »

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