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Re: ~ Terrorist Attack In London Today ~     03/24/2017
@mulmye: Get back in the house Nana, your dress is blowing and you're scaring the children. ... More »
~ Terrorist Attack In London Today ~     03/24/2017
The cult of peace strikes again.... quickly everyone, go Change your Facebook profile picture, do no... More »
Re: Hot for Teacher     03/24/2017
@ET: but, If I alphabetize them, they will make no sense. ... More »
Re: Hot for Teacher     03/24/2017
@mulmye: What, no #4?..... you disappoint me.  I find it funny you think you're  so much better t... More »
Re: New vehicle     03/24/2017
@Haybugg: Jeep Grand's do not keep their value well. just the rubicons and sahara 4wheel drives, bu... More »
Re: Hot for Teacher     03/24/2017
@mulmye: Lol... what snowflake you are.... humor does not find you much... what a waist. go suc... More »
Re: Shocking or not?     03/24/2017
All this thanks to laxed Obama imigration policies... Sánchez, 18, was arrested seven months ago... More »
Trump care     03/23/2017
Why did Obama care discontinue the best cancer institute care available for the rest on the country?... More »
NY Big Ben Concept Building     03/23/2017
If o get the middle office, you can bet your ass I will have a wingsuit and an emergency glass hamm... More »
New vehicle     03/23/2017
Oh and by the way ,if you're gona have kids, got a have an entertainment system. Oh and it ... More »
Hot for Teacher     03/23/2017
@coco1248: We just don't want talent like here's to go to wast. Once she hits 40, I say ... More »
Cleaner for outdoor furniture     03/23/2017
Power washer.... More »
New vehicle     03/23/2017
We just recently moved from a minivan town and counyry limited that fit 7 to a pathfinder platinum ... More »
What's up with the tow trucks?!?!     03/23/2017
@2kidsandadog: They are like a pack of wild dogs, drive like a-holes to get to the next fix,... More »
Shocking or not?     03/23/2017
@donnatella: It is consenting only if they are of the same age or one year of separation. ... More »
riding lawn mower     03/23/2017
@ET: So, you're saying Juan cuts your grass now?... More »
Trump care     03/23/2017
I am sooooo loaded     03/23/2017
@deltadawn: I'll settle for fresh peaches. ... More »
Re: I am sooooo loaded     03/23/2017
Loaded and sometime soon, full of it...... More »
Re: Hot for Teacher     03/23/2017
Her name is Sarah Fowlkes.... or now known as Mrs. Fowlkes-a-lot ....Mug Shot...[img]http://ww1.hdnu... More »

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