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59 N bound     04/07/2017
HOV lanes are clear... More »
Gorsuch confirmed     04/07/2017
@ExBlue: Ah, I thought you wanted to post about snowflake democrats crying. Soon we will... More »
Hi there     04/06/2017
Fish?... More »
Lube or no lube     04/06/2017
Most trucks today don't have lubricating nipples. When you get there to pick it up, ask them to see ... More »
Northpark     04/06/2017
Complainers be like "I HATE TRAFFIC!" COH be like "WE ARE WIDENING THE ROADS, KIS YOUR TREES G... More »
Re: I want to give this bozo a swirly.     04/06/2017
I think he totally missed the point. I bet Jesus is playing Mario Cart as we speak. ... More »
Re: Aliens     04/06/2017
We need a Big Beautiful wall around our stratosphere to protect us from these sneaky bastards. They ... More »
Re: Learn how to be easily offended (just kidding!)     04/04/2017
@coco1248: [img][/img] ... More »
Re: Susan Rice scandel     04/04/2017
These aren't the terrorist group we call Democratic socialist that have infiltrated our democracy.[i... More »
Re: Susan Rice scandel     04/04/2017
[img][/img]... More »
For The Nerds     04/03/2017
If you want to be productive, use a pc If you want to show off you fashion shoes and turtle neck ,... More »
To tip or not to tip ...     04/03/2017
I use to tip the.girls at sonic that wore roller skates, even the thick girls, cause they just look ... More »
Can you ???     04/03/2017
Hard to beat her cooking without using lard. Now adays we are taught it is the root of all evil. ... More »
Mike's Hobby Shop     04/01/2017
They also have a dirt track and hard top track for racing truggy and track vehicles. ... More »
Preemie twins, gift ideas?     04/01/2017
@MarT: Twin stroller is great gift ... More »
It's dark outside     04/01/2017
I see 5 somfing every day. ... More »
Re: What have I been looking at?     03/31/2017
@BooBear: KY is not for wrinkles...... More »
problem     03/31/2017
@Ray: Democrats pull from the left, Republicans pull from the right. Either way it does the ... More »
What have I been looking at?     03/31/2017
@Champagnechola: SURE YOU HAVE... :wink: Just what wrinkles were you wanting to iron out?... More »
Re: 97.1 country legends ....     03/31/2017
... More »

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