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Re: Buffet's     07/15/2016
@cgm10sne1: I am also the odd man out in that I do not have an issue with Golden Corral.  For o... More »
Re: Don't Leave Your House     05/29/2016
I was coming back from Wal-Mart in Porter and there was a bad accident that shut Ford Road down abou... More »
Re: Why are there not any local Chili Festivals?     09/25/2015
Native Texan here and beans are not allowed in Chili!  Otherwise it becomes Chilibeans!!!... More »
Re: Oklahoma Child Faces YEARS of Reconstructive Surgery in Pit Bull Attack 12/27     01/04/2015
Can we get the ignore pet post button back.  This is getting old from both sides.... More »
Re: Alcohol near a Kingwood School     10/03/2014
A few comments:1. I live in the area and am not bothered by this so those that say everyone opposes ... More »
Re: Overnight power outage - Woodstream     10/03/2014
We are by Dogwood Lane and lost power last night... More »
Re: Check your online banking frequently     08/02/2014
I have had my card compromised twice, and rather than constantly watch my accounts, I set up text al... More »
Re: Skeeter's Breakfast Buffet     06/22/2014
@goldie: Was it called Cookouts? ... More »
Re: Pool Companies     06/12/2014
@jayhawk: We also used Houston Cool Pools and had a pretty good experience.  Now dealing with t... More »
Re: Another drunk driver !!!!     05/10/2014
@2danes: I think what @buffaloglen is trying to say is that if you look at it based on populatio... More »
Re: What is a green egg?     01/18/2014
It is a smoker, search Big Green Egg... More »
Re: How many animals do you have?     01/11/2014
None... More »
Re: cellphone opinions iphonevs galaxy     12/29/2013
Galaxy S4, never had it lock up and the battery life is pretty darn good for a smartphone... More »
Re: Pet Peeves?     11/01/2013
People who do not know what a turn signal is and better yet zoom in front of you only to turn at the... More »
Re: they got any decent steak houses in kingwood ?     10/11/2013
My problem with Outback is that they cannot cook my stake correct to save their lives.  I like my s... More »
Airport Transportaion     06/14/2013
I am looking for a recommendation on who to use for transport tof/rom IAH,  I see a bunch or provid... More »
Re: Welcome, Woodstream Residents!...     09/22/2012
Hello... More »
Re: Peter piper pizza     09/22/2012
@jrodriguez2694: That was also my first job as well when I turned 16.  My favorite pizza to tak... More »
Re:     05/12/2012
Red Solo Cup... More »
Re:     04/28/2012
It is interesting how threads get hijacked on this site.  The original post was asking for a good l... More »

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