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Re: Just some stuff     10/20/2017
@FoFa: Totally @BooBear.  She's convinced she'll die on one of these.... More »
Re: DSNAP     10/19/2017
@BooBear: ... More »
Re: Squirrels     10/19/2017
@TEXASGIRLMAMMA: I suspect folks in the rural areas still do.  I know my childhoo... More »
Re: Science is for Liberals     10/18/2017
@barsinister: I realize you're not saying otherwise, but it should be clarified that Einstein was ... More »
Re: Science is for Liberals     10/18/2017
@barsinister: Off the charts scientifically brilliant mind and one of my favorite ... More »
Re: Federal subsidies to Obamacare insurers to stop     10/13/2017
@mdizzle: Similar to how the Dems have used the Social Security crowd and the Pubs... More »
Re: Boy Scouts VS Navy SEALS..     10/13/2017
@ZMAN: And here's the non-photoshopped version.  Kristi Hawkins, 5'4 135lbs.  Considered maybe t... More »
Re: Boy Scouts VS Navy SEALS..     10/12/2017
The sort of silly part of the overall discussion to me is how everyone looks past the simple fact th... More »
Re: Kingwood Running Group     10/10/2017
@Comrade, there is also a group that meets on Wednesday nights over in Humble at The Hop Stop.  The... More »
Re: I need something to read     10/10/2017
@BooBear: You're such a hater.Guess who's inside this church...... More »
Re: I need something to read     10/09/2017
@BooBear: That's a really good book.  'A Short History of Nearly Everything' by B... More »
Re: November 4, 2017     10/06/2017
@SmurfySuzi: As my British FIL likes to say...the last person to enter Parliament with honest inte... More »
Re: Weekend plans?     10/05/2017
Zachary's open mic tonight.  Zachary's solo show tomorrow night.  Fish Tales in Dayton on Saturday... More »
Re: Jesse Jones Park     09/28/2017
Doesn't look like it. More »
Re: What if???     09/27/2017
@Ruger5: Vice President Aaron Burr and former Secretary of the Treasury Alexander ... More »
Re: SuddenLink TV just Stopped working!!     09/26/2017
So we're "sort of" out.  We have 3 tvs hooked up to Tivo and 3 others that are not.  The "are nots... More »
Re: KISS concert for KHS     09/26/2017
@Fallon: He plays cello in Philharmonic.  He was hoping for Chamber but sort of ambled about unti... More »
Re: Jerry Jones took a Knee!!!     09/26/2017
So the real question is what's the government doing behind We The People's back while they have ever... More »
Re: KISS concert for KHS     09/25/2017
The email sent from the orchestra department.  Not sure if they took 40 from the band, choir, e... More »
Re: KISS concert for KHS     09/25/2017
@valentine14: They're taking a few chaperones along.  DS was selected to go, but ... More »

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