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Re: Remember EvanCarroll?     12/22/2014
... More »
Re: Christmas yard decorations     12/21/2014
Oh sorry but I just have to :laugh: at this one.  ... More »
Re: Neighbor question     12/21/2014
@Stealth83: Bingo!  I was taught if you are not playing with the neighborhood kids then you... More »
Re: Is accepting this person your with and being patient the key to it all?     12/10/2014
Anger issues are a deal breaker with me.  If he can't handle life's ups and downs what can he handl... More »
Re: Where could I buy one of these?     12/10/2014
@squirtismyboy: I am not seeing your vision of this.  Is there a pic? ... More »
Re: Whats up with ADC?     12/09/2014
Joe forget to pay the bill?... More »
Re: Soooo whuts for supper?     12/07/2014
Cookie dough... More »
Re: Where could I buy one of these?     12/07/2014
Okay.  So is this your next DIY project?... More »
Re: North Dakota Names Landfill After Obama     12/01/2014
It makes perfect sense to me.... More »
Re: Ferguson, MO, the bottom line     11/28/2014
@silly123: I pray for common sense to kick in. ... More »
Re: Share your Black Friday experience!     11/28/2014
There wasn't one.  Laundry day.... More »
Golden Retriever owners     11/22/2014
What brand of dog food do you use?  Having trouble finding the right one for mine.  She ha... More »
Re: Scan results in     11/20/2014
You have my Prayers.... More »
Re: Network coverage of the POTUS Immigration speech     11/20/2014
He basically said, "Screw you America" I'm rolling out the red carpet for the next wave of voters.... More »
Re: Happy Birthday @Okiedokie     11/20/2014
Happy Birthday!  :happybirthday:... More »
Re: Bad deal     11/20/2014
@Ebola: I agree.  Check the charger before you put out the money for a new battery. ... More »
Re: Bad deal     11/20/2014
A new battery pack is a little under $50 bucks.  Is the scooter still in good shape?  Live and lea... More »
Re: Texas Children's Pediatrics Kingwood     11/14/2014
@StartingOver: Dr. Gilley has retired. ... More »
Re: do juniper topiary freeze?     11/13/2014
They should be okay.  ... More »

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