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Losing Stuff     03/23/2017
FB friend posted this. I was making bread, and lost my reading glasses. I couldn't find the stup... More »
Things Change     03/23/2017
Echo last night, the Injustice [img] More »
Things Change     03/23/2017
Echo, 1 year ago [img][/img]... More »
Stealing Food     03/23/2017
@Annie: Isn't there someone on here, not mentioning any names cough donnie cough, sort of sa... More »
Stealing Food     03/23/2017
Wow, even my wife and daughters can't seem to remember that whole righty tighty, lefty loosly thing ... More »
Most Hated Intersections     03/22/2017
That Bellaire triangle was crazy 15 years ago, can't imagine it today. My barber used to be down the... More »
Most Hated Intersections     03/22/2017
League City's "Five Corners" Highway 146 through Seabrook and Kemah West Lake Houston at FM 1960 ... More »
Seinfeld Idea?     03/22/2017
Kramer and Newman would be proud. A 70 year old in Michigan pleaded guilty to buying scrape, non-... More »
Who else     03/22/2017
Ours were in like a mobile home, and they hauled it around to the 3 highschool's, once each semester... More »
Who else     03/22/2017
Learned driver's ed. In school, and used these? [img] More »
Dinner done     03/21/2017
I had scratch made chicken veggie soup with potk belly on the side. ... More »
CostCo over supply     03/21/2017
@ZMAN: Over supply from the fact i can't eat it all before the turns to poison date, that's ... More »
CostCo over supply     03/21/2017
Smallest package of pork belly was still 4 pound. What to do with more pork belly than one can eat ... More » "not responding"?     03/20/2017
@ZMAN: Keyboard virus ... More »
Rabies in area     03/20/2017
@Jeff1928: Huh, yup. However it did say, human rabies is mostly attributed to bats. 1 or 2 p... More »
Re: Rabies in area     03/19/2017
Less than 1/2 of 1% of all bats may contract the disease.There is only one to two human deaths per y... More »
Re: Breakfast     03/19/2017
@ExBlue: This morning I just pan fried it with pepper and salt. Pretty much tastes like fatty port... More »
Breakfast     03/19/2017
Pork belly and eggs this morning [img] More »
Getting a flight     03/18/2017
@ET: Greenville SC... More »
Getting a flight     03/18/2017
@lola: I hate flying, and i really, really hate coach and the cramped seats, specially with ... More »

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