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Re: A FoFa breakfast     01/28/2017
@lola: Isn't salsa made from Scuzmaters?!?... More »
A FoFa breakfast     01/28/2017
Over med. A couple eggs, breakfast! [img] More »
A FoFa breakfast     01/28/2017
Fried sweetbreads and potato hash browns in the frying pan [img] More »
Dancing Dog     01/27/2017
. [youtube][/youtube]... More »
Oh man, now scientists     01/27/2017
Well, apparently, the scientists are creating rogue tweeter accounts to tweet regardless of what the... More »
Oh man, now scientists     01/27/2017
The leaders of the top scientific groups in America, say the Trump administration might muzzle scien... More »
President interview tonight?     01/27/2017
. [img][/img]... More »
Just Some Numbers     01/27/2017
It's never easy however; [img][/... More »
Just Some Numbers     01/27/2017
According to ABC news, illegal immigration cost the US $100 Billion a year (in 2010) Fox news said ... More »
Best DMV office to get DL. Renewed ?     01/27/2017
The Spring megacenter, a yyyuge facility, make an appointment first of edit time is over day 20 minu... More »
Price increases     01/26/2017
MAN talk about contributing to climate change, buying from Europe, how much fuel does that take ... More »
Anyone Been to Butcher Holler?     01/26/2017
No, but years ago i was to hippy hollow on travis lake.... More »
Trump Gag Order, End Of The World?     01/26/2017
Trains spill more often, pipelines spill bigger. But in 2013 1.15 million gallons of oil was spil... More »
Price increases     01/26/2017
Only because the president of Mexico isn't playing ball. Let's let it ride for awhile and see whe... More »
Is Houston a sanctuary city?     01/26/2017
City mayor's plan to resist Trump on sanctuary city funding. Not sure how. [url= More »
Amazon Echo     01/26/2017
@Retired_Engineer: Probably depends if the answer is readily available to it. 😉... More »
Voter Fraud     01/26/2017
The media says waste of time and tax payers money (like they really care) Civil rights groups think... More »
Amazon Echo     01/26/2017
I've Google home. We ask it 5 or more questions a night. Mostly because it's easy. Ok Google, w... More »
Amazon Echo     01/26/2017
Seems is causing all kind of havoc for people named Alexis, or some close varient. Also one person... More »
Chimera     01/26/2017
Named after the mythical lion/goat/serpent monster, a human/pig has been created. Scientists have i... More »

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