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North Korea Backs Down     08/15/2017
Appears like China decided to assist [url=]And Trump's brand of foreign policy... More »
I want to see some hoochies     08/15/2017
Also, what kind of little yogurts make you sh*t?... More »
I want to see some hoochies     08/15/2017
Why can't i see hoochies? ... More »
North Korea Backs Down     08/15/2017
According to various news sources, N. Korea has decided to NOT Nuke Guam after all. ... More »
Dead Pool 2     08/14/2017
Story said an unidentified stunt woman was killed filming a motorcycle stunt this morning. ... More »
Question     08/14/2017
The Florida Couple received burns, not considered life threatening, Is all it says ... More »
Question     08/14/2017
What happens, say, if you put a gas grill in your SUV, and neglect to turn off the gas (propane) and... More »
College bedding question     08/14/2017
Buy a good one, it pays for itself in a better sleep we found. The cheaper ones do not work as well,... More »
Trying to eject Trump     08/14/2017
According to Scaramucci; [url=]The political establishment doesn't like CEO'... More »
It's Monday!!!!     08/14/2017
. [img][/img]... More »
AC Condensate Line Plugged     08/13/2017
If your snake didn't make all the way to the condenser, there is usually a flap in the air exchanged... More »
Re: Charlottesville crash     08/13/2017
I ran into this and thought, WTF is this, but then I had not seen any news since Friday[youtube]http... More »
Re: Random Stuff     08/13/2017
#random [img][/img]... More »
Re: Random Stuff     08/13/2017
.... More »
Stephen King     08/13/2017
. [img][/img]... More »
Burgers     08/12/2017
Smashburger, spicy baja burger with veggi frites tonight. Man i really like that Baja Burger. ... More »
Hey, MM4731     08/12/2017
@CantStandTex: Chad-a-queue? ChadBQ? Smoked Chad? Chad in BBQ sauce? Rack of Chad? Hot ... More »
Re: Random Stuff     08/12/2017
Here is something you don't see everyday... More »
Re: Late breaking news on North Korea     08/12/2017
. [img][/img]... More »
Small York Peppermint Patties     08/11/2017
Jr. Mints, must stay away, must stay away! ... More »

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