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Re: Pets     01/14/2017
You are barking too loud![youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: Fun stuff     01/14/2017
#fun... More »
Re: Pets     01/14/2017
What is that I hear?... More »
Bullied on Facebook     01/14/2017
A Video Game designer, doing it right!... More »
Re: Why so rude     01/14/2017
#rude... More »
Re: Fun stuff     01/14/2017
#fun... More »
Earrings and Rings     01/14/2017
Really?... More »
Re: Um, poor thing     01/14/2017
@Stealth83: Yes. Right next to the Honeycomb Tripe.But they seem to run different ... More »
Re: What Russia Has on Donald     01/14/2017
What the rumor mill is saying about Trump and Company;Yesterday, Trump held his first big press conf... More »
Re: Um, poor thing     01/14/2017
@Gramoda: They had them at HEB... More »
Um, poor thing     01/14/2017
Breakfast, mushrooms, hog maws scrambled eggs. Yummy [img] More »
Re: Um, poor thing     01/13/2017
@sweetie: Um, it's fried rice, and looks like fried rice.You don't like fried rice... More »
Kolaches     01/13/2017
And dairy Queen What am i missing? 😀 😎🍟... More »
Um, poor thing     01/13/2017
@TexasOma: Hog Maw fried rice. Carrots, onion, garlic, mushrooms, egg and rice. Doesn't ... More »
Re: Fun stuff     01/13/2017
.[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Re: Pets     01/13/2017
Wha! Where da grnd go?... More »
Re: Car Vending Machine?     01/13/2017
Does it take credit cards?Bills?Only quarters, dimes and nickels?What?... More »
Medicine for Safety44     01/13/2017
@coco1248: I know, right. Hard to believe.... More »
Why so rude     01/13/2017
@sweetie: Love Friday the 13th. Good things have happened to me on Friday the 13th. BTW,... More »
Texas Cares     01/13/2017
We are behind you 100% [img][/img... More »

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