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Today     06/13/2017
@Annie: Actually, yes I was with a work friend, i was recently divorced, we were meeting ... More »
Chicken Samwich In Space     06/13/2017
Apparently KFC is sending a chicken samwich to the edge of space Not sure what the scientific ben... More »
Today     06/13/2017
@Annie: She didn't want to go anywhere. But to be fair, getting her ready, in her power cha... More »
High Heels Discount     06/13/2017
A bar in Japan gives ladies a discount on their food AND drink tab based on the highway of their hee... More »
Today     06/13/2017
@lola: Tell me about it! 😋... More »
Today     06/13/2017
@gigem09: I'm Working, nothing planned ... More »
Immigration Arrests     06/13/2017
@Ebola: It would only be logical then. Now if they were Klingon....... More »
Today     06/13/2017
The wife and I [img][/img]... More »
Immigration Arrests     06/13/2017
ICE officials arrest dozens of Christians in Detroit, in the country illegally from Iraq. ICE said ... More »
Truvia a pesticide     06/13/2017
@elguapo: But dogs aren't classified as pests, no matter what @jax thinks, so wouldn't it be... More »
Cyberbulling     06/13/2017
@Ebola: Um, kids have NOT been listening to adults for many, many generations, what makes yo... More »
Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement Act     06/13/2017
New legislation has been introduced to classify presidential social media posts as presidential reco... More »
Re: Truvia a pesticide     06/12/2017
@terilyntx: I don't think actual stevia causes to many people problems, but along ... More »
Photoshopped yearbook     06/12/2017
I wonder if the president will tweet about this 😊... More »
Truvia a pesticide     06/12/2017
@buffaloglenn: The toxin in chocolate, is toxic for humans, except humans break down the tox... More »
Do Dogs Understand Fairness     06/12/2017
What do you think? [url=]Apparently they do [/url] ... More »
Truvia a pesticide     06/12/2017
Turns out the erythritol kills bugs contain in Truvia. [url=]Story here[/url... More »
Photoshopped yearbook     06/12/2017
. [img][/img]... More »
Instant Pot Pressure Cooker     06/12/2017
I'm old​ fashion, in that i have a stove top, takes up less space [img]https://www.kingwoo... More »
Spider alert.     06/12/2017
@allymansfield: NOT, i repeat, not, a jumping or flying spider. You would be safe from a ... More »

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