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Dang It! Roaches     09/16/2017
Cockroaches don't bother me a whole lot but overall you know there still a bug. But I really hate it... More »
Re: Allergies     09/16/2017
Ok, Ready, In sequence now, YAWN!... More »
Re: Allergies     09/16/2017
#allergy [img][/img]... More »
Re: Oh Ma Gerd     09/16/2017
Maple Belgian Waffle Cake [img][/img... More »
Oh Ma Gerd     09/16/2017
You've heard the crazy cat lady, have you seen the crazy cat lady?... More »
Do not     09/15/2017
@buddyboy: Not yet, changed posting of the game camera, didn't take any pictures. Must have ... More »
Do not     09/15/2017
Ok, ok, maybe it was one of those thorny Vines while i was trying a couple branches to get s better ... More »
Do not     09/15/2017
Grab a raccoon by it's tail [img] More »
Re: Sep 23 2017 End Of Earth     09/15/2017
#hurricanes [img][/img]... More »
Sep 23 2017 End Of Earth     09/15/2017
According to some, and Luke 21: 25-26 a planet will collide with earth. Solar Eclipse, hurricanes... More »
Best concert you've ever been to?     09/15/2017
@Barbrandy: Had a lot of friends tell Tull was an awesome concert.... More »
Cutting Board/Dishwasher question     09/15/2017
Man you people are all into spending the money. I'll pull out the orbital sander and clean it first... More »
Costco update     09/15/2017
@VIP: Yea, that's what we need, another shopping club!... More »
Cutting Board/Dishwasher question     09/15/2017
@ZMAN: Dang Roaches! ... More »
Costco update     09/15/2017
Wonder if they will extend our membership 🤣... More »
What was for dinner?     09/15/2017
Made from scratch, spicy chicken rice veggie soup, for 1.... More »
Curious... doggie census     09/15/2017
@kingwoodmom1914: One of my fave small dogs... More »
Cutting Board/Dishwasher question     09/15/2017
@HoofHearted: Doesn't look near as bad as my wooden one 🤣... More »
Re: Do You Ever Have People Like This     09/14/2017
#people [img][/img]... More »
Re: Cutting Board/Dishwasher question     09/14/2017
@Fallon: Everything else looked fine. This is the second load I did since Harvey e... More »

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