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Our future is doomed     11/23/2016
Students Have 'Dismaying' Inability To Tell Fake News From Real   The researchers at Stanford... More »
Clinton urged to recount     11/23/2016
A group of lawyers and computer scientists claim that the election results [b]may have been manipula... More »
Aloe Vera Gel     11/23/2016
Store brand aloe Vera Gel at CVS, Wal-mart and Target contain no evidence of containing any actual a... More »
Re: Car battery     11/22/2016
@elguapo: Um, I don't need to cut it in half.They are like over $200 bucks.My battery is almost ... More »
Re: Car battery     11/22/2016
@JerryJustice: According to their website, my battery is not in stock in any wallymart near us, ... More »
Re: Restaurant with ambience suggestion     11/22/2016
ChimichurriRafa's isn't to bad either.Both local to KW.... More »
Car battery     11/21/2016
@SmurfySuzi: Not really had good luck with theirs in the past... More »
Car battery     11/21/2016
Good quality, locally available, < $150 Replace myself.... More »
Uh Oh....Too Close For Comfort     11/21/2016
@Retired_Engineer: Not something I wanted to watch, plus a link from this site might be, que... More »
Kroger this weekend     11/21/2016
Was looking at chicken, saw this, gave me a smile (bottom center) [img]http://www.kingwood.c... More »
Uh Oh....Too Close For Comfort     11/21/2016
And as an added bonus, scroll down for this [img] More »
Re: Dim Sum     11/20/2016
Dim Sum[url= More »
Re: sexy nachos     11/20/2016
Hotloz (hot loose?)Beaver Township?Were they meeting at Dick's?... More »
Re: Cats     11/20/2016
Then and Now     11/20/2016
#thenandnow... More »
Re: Dogs     11/20/2016
Puppy.exe has stopped working, would you like to reboot?... More »
Inauguration day     11/20/2016
#trump... More »
Dogs     11/20/2016
Poor thing, but, it is sort of funny also... More »
Re: Cats     11/20/2016
#cats... More »
Choices Matter     11/20/2016
#donutchoice... More »

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