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Dog Flu     06/15/2017
3 confirmed cases in Harris county of the H3N2 virus. That is all.... More »
Gene Simmons' smudgy fingerprints on everything     06/15/2017
With 2 daughters graduated from, and the money i have spent [img] More »
Encourage one another daily     06/15/2017
Come on, you can do it, you CAN do it [img] More »
Celebrity Crush     06/15/2017
Lucy Liu Priyanka Chopra If i have to limit myself to two But i wouldn't call them crushes, mor... More »
I miss being young sometimes     06/15/2017
@Fallon: Shoot, anymore, a doozy of a road trip is going to Dallas to visit my oldest DD, wi... More »
Encourage one another daily     06/15/2017
A smile or two to fill out your day [img] More »
Facebook comments     06/15/2017
I don't get it... More »
Random crap     06/14/2017
. [img][/img]... More »
I miss being young sometimes     06/14/2017
. [img][/img]... More »
I miss being young sometimes     06/14/2017
Growing old sucks sometimes. Not just the aches and pains either. My youngest is on the way, well to... More »
Random crap     06/14/2017
In the news today [img][/img]... More »
Ahh Bazooka     06/14/2017
@donnatella: I hear tell something called "TIME?" But IDK... More »
Do ya remember     06/14/2017
We even had one 5 & dime in Saginaw that had a real soda fountain. ... More »
Do you remember this smell?     06/14/2017
Fried bologna, and egg sandwich, yup, with a side of fries and a beer. Normal lunch in the army. Les... More »
When cans had openers     06/14/2017
Would require safe zones for recovery of such injury prone devices, not too mention the law suits. ... More »
Ahh Bazooka     06/14/2017
Do they still have the little comics inside?... More »
Dog food help     06/14/2017
I have had really good luck with Purina pro brand, but it isn't much cheaper than what you are payin... More »
How many of you ol buzzards     06/13/2017
I don't remember the number, but it was only 4 digits in the county and was a party line. Our ring ... More »
I need some help here yall     06/13/2017
Sounds like some kind of a trick to me.... More »
Chicken Samwich In Space     06/13/2017
Some of the new coloners i enjoy, not all of them mind you, but some of them. The earlier ones were ... More »

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