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Re: What is your favorite song out right now?     09/13/2017
@ZMAN: Always on the look out for something new, do NOT like his voice.Song has a ... More »
Re: Coffee maybe harder to get     09/13/2017
@Ebola: Not anywhere like tea. Coffee beans have a husk on them, so other than bei... More »
Stupid Coffee maker     09/13/2017
Well this new one (thank you Amazon's prime) Is pretty awesome. Fast, man is it fast heating the w... More »
Re: Energy Corridor contamination     09/12/2017
Dang it, wrong button again.Wish they were different colors... More »
Re: Expensive Shoes     09/12/2017
@OldGuy: I most likely would also........... More »
Expensive Shoes     09/12/2017
@donnatella: If i could afford $795 shoes, I'd retire! Just thought they were; Ugly Way... More »
Expensive Shoes     09/12/2017
Balenciaga is the latest brand to take the distressed trend to the next level — the brand is selli... More »
Liberal Funny     09/12/2017
And the reply [img][/img]... More »
Liberal Funny     09/12/2017
I do not know if this is even true, or a made up BS thing just to make liberals look bad. And I'm no... More »
Kingwood gun shop break in     09/12/2017
@buffaloglenn: Not truly, some use handgun cartridges and are not typically considered "high... More »
Energy Corridor contamination     09/12/2017
Glad i don't work actually in the energy corridor any more. [url=]E-Coli run... More »
Bull Terrier kills owner     09/12/2017
Truth is strange [url=]But the dog was high on crack, so it wasn't it's faul... More »
Mexico pulls offer of aide to Texas     09/12/2017
Because we have problems of our own [url=]Earthquake and a hurricane in thei... More »
SuddenLink Internet only working during day hours?     09/12/2017
Did you sign up for nighttime usage? It's a new government thing, you are taxed on internet usage h... More »
Coffee maybe harder to get     09/12/2017
Ok, ok [url=]Might have to be concerned now! [/url] ... More »
Federal Taxes, dumb butt     09/12/2017
HBO host Bill Maher complained that it "seems a little unfair" for residents of conservative states ... More »
Puppies     09/12/2017
Maybe a replacement for puppy [url=]Puppy replacement [/url] ... More »
Puppies     09/12/2017
More evil than you think [url=]Making people sick and putting some in the ho... More »
Traffic horrible!     09/12/2017
You should see it trying to get to the energy corridor with highway 6 closed. ... More »
Re: The Heartbreak of psoriasis     09/11/2017
@ExBlue: Well one would think the P Companies would then investigate using Bee Ven... More »

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