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Help the snakes     01/31/2017
@Fallon: You want to help the snakes? Poor, poor, snakes. ... More »
Impeach Now!!!!     01/31/2017
. [img][/img]... More »
Help the snakes     01/31/2017
Fellow Texans, these Rattlesnakes are in need of a home. They're refugees from the Hill Country push... More »
Impeach Now!!!!     01/31/2017
@Veritas: Trump banned the countries identified by the [u]Obama administration[/u] as threat... More »
Political Tab     01/31/2017
Didn't work, no one liked it Newbies! 😉... More »
Radio Station     01/30/2017
#notjustin... More »
Re: Impeach Now!!!!     01/30/2017
@fcabanski: ... More »
Re: Trump bans Metric System     01/30/2017
@friday1: It says DUMB RUNNER dot comso metric foot races are banned, on dumbrunne... More »
ok, I got my 2 in for today     01/30/2017
@donnatella: That right there, is the kind of crap we need to put an end to in this country!... More »
Twenty thousand     01/30/2017
The number of immigrants the UN says is impacted by the president's ban. 20,000 [url=https://goo... More »
Excuses for Trump     01/30/2017
@JackDaneCPA: True on both accounts. But, the wall still needs to go up. ... More »
Amazon supports protesters against Trump     01/30/2017
Amazon is supporting Washington state in its attack on the president. [url=]... More »
Excuses for Trump     01/30/2017
@jingleheist: But just one of many ways "to make Mexico pay", as we have said. But gettin... More »
Really, fire their butts     01/30/2017
WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House clashed Monday with a large group of American diplomats who are ... More »
Excuses for Trump     01/30/2017
@jingleheist: Just to be clear, no matter what the media says, he didn't ban Muslims, he ban... More »
Excuses for Trump     01/30/2017
That is not true, there are ways he could. But quite frankly, we don't care as long as there IS ... More »
Too Dumb to Rule     01/30/2017
@Quixote: I'm not saying it's motivation, I'm just saying the left doesn't own it. However t... More »
Impeach Now!!!!     01/30/2017
@Veritas: Pretty sure, if in a country fighting, you should pretty much know there is danger... More »
Its time for a nice post     01/30/2017
. [img][/img]... More »
Too Dumb to Rule     01/30/2017
@Quixote: I sort of recall the right carrying on about a birth certificate for quite some ti... More »

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