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Gov. Waste     06/22/2017
Apparently, over the last decade, the DOD had wasted (wonder who benefited) $28 million on the wrong... More »
Pit Bull Mauls Two Kids in Car seats     06/22/2017
Maybe we should BBQ them! [img][... More »
Evidently     06/22/2017
Composting!... More »
1 year ago     06/22/2017
@Annie: [img][/img]... More »
1 year ago     06/22/2017
@Annie: [img][/img]... More »
Your best physical attribute?     06/21/2017
Ear hair ... More »
Contemplating....     06/21/2017
@elguapo: FoFas bitch... More »
80 k cups $35     06/21/2017
$4.95 at HEB So it cost me about 8 cents a cup with the coffee i buy. Even my pretty expensive... More »
Carpet - Pick a color...     06/21/2017
@donnatella: I had a friend, who had i think it was an odd number of steps. They did every o... More »
Handle wins     06/21/2017
So. It's only a big deal because of the news media. ... More »
Carpet - Pick a color...     06/21/2017
Something that contrasts with the floor, so you don't break your neck not seeing the step. ... More »
1 year ago     06/21/2017
Some one was "fixed" [img][/img]... More »
Looks like Joe wants me to get a new car     06/21/2017
Wants me to date, yet, i have never searched for anything like that, go figure. Unless Echo had bee... More »
AEs Taste of Korea     06/21/2017
Closed for 2 weeks starting July 4th for kitchen renovation. ... More »
"Devil Went Down to GA" is trending...     06/21/2017
Short version [youtube][/youtube] ... More »
Whole Foods/niche grocery question     06/21/2017
H-mart HEB Kroger ... More »
Ring the doorbell and run??     06/20/2017
Echo says none of dat ding dong ditch stuff here [img] More »
Best thing ever     06/20/2017
So taking the humidity from 99.5% to 100.4% keeps them cool? Who wood oh done thought ... More »
Random Stuff     06/20/2017
. [img][/img]... More »
And her name is....CINDY     06/20/2017
. [img][/img]... More »

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