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Kingwood may not be able to handle the following news......     01/17/2017
I told wife i read on "the forum" about churches closing, she said, yea, we tried it once, and never... More »
Vietnamese Sandwich     01/17/2017
One of the world great sandwiches [img] More »
Vietnamese Sandwich     01/17/2017
I for one, hour they are good, and open soon. I'm tired of driving over to veterans memorial for a g... More »
Expired!!!     01/17/2017
@ExBlue: Just click the link, enter all your personal and credit card information, it will b... More »
Obama has good advise for Trump     01/17/2017
OK, that right there, is funny. The guy who guy elected, because we are tired of the same old crap,... More »
Hidden Kingwood Treasures     01/17/2017
East End park, at the end of KW drive (East duh) ... More »
Dog Groomer     01/17/2017
@Phyllis711: Is OK, don't let the KDC junkies get under your skin. I've been here a little w... More »
Kingwood may not be able to handle the following news......     01/16/2017
KW had a churches? Isn't there one in Porter? Although i couldn't see driving all the way to N... More »
Favorite Food Truck?     01/16/2017
Anyone ever try Caribbean Blend food truck? They say they are Houston's ONLY Caribbean/American foo... More »
Inauguration     01/16/2017
@HollyHobby: It was some tweets 6 or 7-NOV-2012 The match on DC was just one of them. ... More »
Inauguration     01/16/2017
. [img][/img]... More »
Fun stuff     01/16/2017
. [img][/img]... More »
How do you like yours...     01/15/2017
Hamburger, (no cheese) with Mayo, onion and jalapenos. Beef to bun ratio must be right, bun grilled ... More »
Re: In HEB     01/15/2017
@sh56: Never noticed it before.I can some noodles!Asians really do noodles right.... More »
Re: Fun stuff     01/15/2017
#fun... More »
Re: GOP proposed gun law for silencers.     01/15/2017
Years ago, I was staying at this place. The dude owned a gun range where you shot fully automatic we... More »
Re: In HEB     01/15/2017
@Fallon: Sounds like a perfectly good WASTE of tripe to me.They only had Beef Trip... More »
In HEB     01/15/2017
By the entrance in the store closest to WLHP, on the wall is s sign that says Yahami sushi and noodl... More »
Tommy James and ....     01/15/2017
This truly modern version i actually like better [youtube][/youtube] ... More »
Honda in Conroe     01/15/2017
When did the Honda dealer in Conroe change from streater-smith to Keating? ... More »

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