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crawfish     02/21/2017
@ZMAN: Do you have to buy a whole sack? ... More »
Re: Wreck at 494 & Hamblen     02/20/2017
Kingwood accident... More »
Thinking of Boo     02/20/2017
@boobear... More »
Re: Never Trust     02/20/2017
The floor, it's LAVA!... More »
Never Trust     02/20/2017
#trust... More »
Walking Dead Puppy Edition     02/20/2017
#puppies[youtube][/youtube]... More »
Wreck at 494 & Hamblen     02/20/2017
@LeroyDelk: Or, think of it as the chlorine of the gene pool. ☺️ Not enough accidents t... More »
Ever Donated a Car?     02/20/2017
Years ago, they came and towed it off, even though it was running and drivable. Just have the title ... More »
Another question for when you were a kid     02/20/2017
DD's and I used to live Dr. Sues I used to read them to them all the time. Specially the tongue ... More »
Omar Abdel-Rahman as died     02/19/2017
The extremist Muslim cleric known as "the blind sheikh" convicted of conspiracy in the 1993 World Tr... More »
Re: Another question for when you were a kid     02/19/2017
@deltadawn: The biggest ones, where I usually bought and read new ones in the seri... More »
When you were a kid...     02/18/2017
Fishing swimming camping... More »
Another question for when you were a kid     02/18/2017
I don't remember one, I'm sure i did, what kid doesn't. But i could read at s pretty young age, and ... More »
Past time for term limits?     02/18/2017
Their people keep putting them back in, you know, the ones they actually represent. Why do you think... More »
I blame the snake in the toilet storytellers...     02/18/2017
@Maisey1: Only in an outhouse. ... More »
Re: When I was 17     02/18/2017
@TOJ: I went into the Army right after this...End of '75... More »
Re: Making Breakfast     02/18/2017
@klp1972: BreakfastWell, part of breakfast anyway.Think of it as the Bacon part of... More »
Making Breakfast     02/18/2017
For me [img][/img]... More »
When I was 17     02/17/2017
. [img][/img]... More »
Re: Costco     02/16/2017
See this thread[url= More »

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