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USPS Rant     12/27/2016
I had to finagle the mail from the side, set it on the ground, then block the post with my body (so ... More »
Climate neutral     12/27/2016
Want some interesting climate neutral information for a change? [url=]Clima... More »
Liberal Tolerance     12/27/2016
@NateReily: Probably the liberal autocorrect at work again. ... More »
To leash or not to leash. That Is the question.     12/27/2016
A lot of did listen way better than those spoiled brats you have and let run loose. Many times i wou... More »
2 percent     12/27/2016
I really, really, like silk, better than milk. But i drank a lot of it in the 70's when i was stat... More »
Liberal Tolerance     12/27/2016
Corey Statham had $46 in his pockets when he was arrested in Ramsey County, Minn., and charged with ... More »
Government Budget Cuts     12/26/2016
. [img][/img]... More »
Re: 5 o'clock Christmas Eve time to go shopping     12/24/2016
Just left HEB and there was no one in line at Raising CanesNot like I would go there since they do n... More »
That's the spot!     12/24/2016
Yes, right there, and keep going, yes right there also... More »
This is truth     12/24/2016
Around my house with the wife and daughter [img] More »
Taste the Rainbow     12/24/2016
#rainbow [img][/img]... More »
Re: Let's rant     12/24/2016
Although a good cause over all, I am getting tired of seeing these.[youtube] More »
Re: Traffic?     12/24/2016
Or from any browser use WeGo, point to point traffic information[url= More »
Re: Let's rant     12/24/2016
@mm4731: How did you know? Yesterday I waited in line at the NcD's in Porter for 15 minutes, st... More »
Let's rant     12/23/2016
@Champagnechola: So, you are lumping all baby boomers together on the actions of one? If... More »
Fruit Cake     12/22/2016
Collins Street Bakery in Corsicana Texas last year when we went through there they said they were op... More »
I dunno about     12/22/2016
@retired_engineer says [img] More »
New Democratic front runner     12/22/2016
@sweetie: In the above mentioned poll, only 23% wanted to see her again. Lowest on the list ... More »
For all the lost dogs in HKA area...     12/22/2016
But my fave is this one [img][/i... More »
For all the lost dogs in HKA area...     12/22/2016
. [img][/img]... More »

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