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Re: Power outage in Forest Cove     09/30/2017
@coco1248: I never lost power today in FC.... More »
Re: Gees Thanks for the geogaphy lesson.     09/30/2017
@TXWhiskyTango: Um, yes, the docks are full of supplies that can't go anywhere.No ... More »
Gees Thanks for the geogaphy lesson.     09/30/2017
I think he was trying to explain it to his liberal people in the country because they're the ones co... More »
Cat Fight     09/30/2017
#catfight... More »
Re: Random thoughts.     09/30/2017
What wine drinkers use after a couple glasses to keep themselves occupied... More »
Re: The Hashbrown Slasher     09/30/2017
@ET: No... More »
Re: Pets     09/30/2017
Cute [img][/img]... More »
Re: Pets     09/30/2017
WTF!... More »
Re: Random thoughts.     09/30/2017
Touch screens cause kids frustration when they don't have one.... More »
Pets     09/30/2017
Cats don't grasp friction... More »
The Hashbrown Slasher     09/30/2017
.... More »
Re: Random thoughts.     09/30/2017
What happens to me all the time at work [img] More »
Re: Posting a GIF using HTML Tags     09/30/2017
Heii, dis hers eCho, da big hooman says to put dis ting on heran shows how mooch easie it be dong da... More »
Random thoughts.     09/29/2017
[img][/img]... More »
Bad Gasoline     09/29/2017
Filled up there Monday, no problems, need to fill up again tonight, so been through a whole tank of ... More »
Apple is frustrated     09/29/2017
@ZMAN: 10 year anniversary of the iphone is what it is. ... More »
Coyote     09/29/2017
@CBP210: Small pets are food, depends where you are on the food chain. It's been my exper... More »
Coyote     09/29/2017
@monyhoney: Forest Cove had a goat for awhile... More »
Coyote     09/29/2017
@sweetie: It was still dark Looking for food, that's pretty much what they do, besides br... More »
Coyote     09/29/2017
Had one cross right in front of me on Forest Cove Drive, right before the firehouse this morning. It... More »

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