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DId your tuna taste kinda funny???     03/03/2017
@SwaggyG: Yea, no. Never a good time to go vegan.... More »
Trail Riders     03/03/2017
They used to stop overnight at Hamblen and 494 or behind Reeves Furniture. But that changed awhile b... More »
Hating on two KDCers right now!     03/03/2017
@BooBear: No, i just know, from years of marriage, that some things are funny, later, but yo... More »
Hating on two KDCers right now!     03/03/2017
@donnatella: That right there, now that's funny, in a it happened awhile ago, i would never ... More »
VN'Which     03/02/2017
@Champagnechola: :barf:... More »
Top Chef Finale     03/02/2017
Half way through, 2 courses down, 2 to go, Shirley is falling behind.... More »
Amazon Prime     03/02/2017
@lola: Some people are hopeless i guess 😇... More »
I want a Pączki     03/02/2017
@jjapt: Like these in FEB [img] More »
Amazon Prime     03/02/2017
@lola: Or partial names, or genres Show me horror movies Show me monster spider movies Sh... More »
anyone see the news teaser last night...     03/02/2017
There were two, one about a piece rocket fired from Europe, and the other about this strange creatur... More »
VN'Which     03/02/2017
@JerryJustice: Yup, they need smaller bread, same amount of filling. Still pretty good. Goin... More »
Amazon Prime     03/02/2017
I have the cheap fire stick, i can just tell it what to find (ok i have to hold a button while i spe... More »
STD's     03/01/2017
My college DD is doing a paper (6 pages) on STD's in dogs. ... More »
Shame on me - I didn't know did this...     03/01/2017
Yup, i do Twyla's... More »
40 must try     03/01/2017
In the humble area, restaurants of course. From the Chron [url=]Link to all... More »
Dinner     03/01/2017
Tried something new, Thai style, stir-fry chicken livers. Really nice. The wife wasn't a fan, but s... More »
Gardening in pots     02/28/2017
I just make a hole in the dirt with my finger, about an inch and half deep, drop in a root, tamp the... More »
Gardening in pots     02/28/2017
And low and behold, just a week and a half later [img] More »
Gardening in pots     02/28/2017
So i have (had) 4 pots of green onions. I just cut the green leaves of add i need them, and they kee... More »
Re: Moooove along     02/28/2017
.... More »

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