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I can't believe the BS that comes out of the worst president... Obama     01/18/2017
I hate to point out obamacare meet its requirements. Getting people on a plan, and having a plan. ... More »
Accident Report     01/18/2017
@Andreweggplant: Yup, but it is for non vehicular things. At least according to the instruc... More »
Re: Vietnamese Sandwich     01/18/2017
com chien I believe is Fried Riceand com bo luc lac is a stir-fry beef dish [img]https://www.king... More »
Re: Vietnamese Sandwich     01/18/2017
And bun, not what you think, another fave of mine is like a rice bowl, but made with vermicelli nood... More »
Re: Vietnamese Sandwich     01/18/2017
cha gioFried egg rollsSmaller usually then the chinese ones, and with a crispier shell, but typicall... More »
Re: Vietnamese Sandwich     01/18/2017
goi cuonspring rolls, these are another fave of mine [img] More »
Re: Saying goodbye to my Dog     01/18/2017
Really sorry to hear that, I know the pain of losing them.... More »
Re: Accident Report     01/18/2017
@Andreweggplant: Print, fill it out and mail it in. Geesh, it's the 21st century!T... More »
Re: Vietnamese Sandwich     01/18/2017
Com Dia, or rice platter, here is an example with grilled pork... More »
Accident Report     01/18/2017
Can I file an accident report online?Where?Google seems to be no help.... More »
New Moth     01/18/2017
Neopalpa donaldtrumpi [url=]Guess who it's named after?[/url] [img]h... More »
There was NOOO reason for the HOV to be closed this morning....     01/18/2017
I thought the streets the HOV empties on to, and 69 were flooded. Once the rain ended, it drained of... More »
Nothing to see here     01/18/2017
It says it is based off the Cameo. Back in the earlyy 80's i had a Subaru Brat. Loved that stupi... More »
Nothing to see here     01/18/2017
. [img][/img]... More »
New Definition for...     01/18/2017
I was more a Democrat in my late teens, until i joined the Army, and Carter took office. ... More »
HOV is closed     01/18/2017
@beastmode: My phone does it for free with Waze, plus police locations Just saying. ... More »
Vietnamese Sandwich     01/18/2017
@yankeejessica: Yes, it's easy to get to also :wink:... More »
Re: Vietnamese Sandwich     01/17/2017
@Fallon: I like them pate on them also.So does my wife, and she does NOT eat the o... More »
Trump impeachment     01/17/2017
@shodan66: I agree, don't over think it, just smile and go on with life đŸ˜³... More »
Trump impeachment     01/17/2017
@shodan66: [img][/img]... More »

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