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Re: Dickies BBQ     11/05/2013
I thought Going's BBQ was good, but Dickey's was much better, so moist & tender compared to othe... More »
Re: ive got 20 minutes...     11/05/2013
@BooBear: Hey be nice! Right now there is no work.  Something may come up later or may not. ... More »
Re: OFF to BFE     11/05/2013
That's so good of you. That dog is so cute, you should be able to rehome it. It's amazing no one is ... More »
Re: ive got 20 minutes...     11/05/2013
@BooBear: I just got to work 45 minutes late, it took an hour & half this morning. It was su... More »
Re: ive got 20 minutes...     11/05/2013
What happens in 20 minutes??? Coffee with some hot guy? Make him buy breakfast...... More »
Re: warning to anyone that shopped Humble Walmart     11/05/2013
So many bad things happen at that WalMart, I go to the one in Porter. The worse thing that happened ... More »
Re: Small child died this afternoon in Kingwood     11/05/2013
@Fallon: It does look like it was blood on his shirt, but no official word came out it was blood... More »
Re: Time change     11/04/2013
Cold weather is good for ya' plus it kills germs &  bugs, like fleas....... More »
Re: Time change     11/04/2013
It was lovely though driving to work in daylight this morning. I had an appointment after work so I ... More »
Re: Dickies BBQ     11/04/2013
@Katiemcg: If you pull into where Randall's is by 494 off Kingwood Dr. & when you get to the... More »
Re: Recommend a PCP/family doc, please?     11/04/2013
I also use Dr. Coleman-Laster at Kelsey, but if she is unavailable they have other drs. to do the bi... More »
Re: I'm so sleepy!!!     11/04/2013
I'm sleepy now! and I'm at work... It's going to be a long day........ More »
Re: Dermatologist     11/03/2013
Steven J. Smith, MD, FAAD 19701 Kingwood Drive, Bldg. 6 Kingwood, TX. 77339 T- 281-359-6000 F- 2... More »
Re: Small child died this afternoon in Kingwood     11/03/2013
There hasn't been any word about what happened to this child & all family members are home, so b... More »
Re: Time Change Sunday     11/03/2013
@pharlap: Mine did not!!!! She's outside though enjoying the weather. ... More »
Re: Kingwood Barkfest this Saturday. Be there!!!     11/02/2013
I was there,  but arrived kind of late, a little after 3.  My hubs & friend came & we had ... More »
Re: whatcha doin this weekend?     11/01/2013
Some shopping, stuff at the house.  Barktoberfest  & dinner at ChaChi's... More »
Re: Woodland Hills     11/01/2013
Montgomery County Police Reporter has a video plus a few more pictures. The Video is the detective w... More »
Re: Woodland Hills     11/01/2013
someone I know lives close by  & they went down to the scene. She said the FBI even showed up b... More »
Re: Pet Peeves?     11/01/2013
When the person in front of me pulling in the parking garage doesn't have their badge handy to swipe... More »

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