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Re: That's not funny     11/11/2013
It's a seement pond!... More »
Re: My husband makes     11/10/2013
@calliecat:  In the 10 yrs I've been here I have not tried fritos in chili, and I really like f... More »
Re: How long has everyone else spent in new Kroger     11/09/2013
zip, zero, nada..... haven't been yet.  Went  to Randall's today.... More »
Re: Ladies Scents / Fragrances     11/09/2013
An oldie but a goodie   Shalimar  or Perry Ellis 360degrees... More »
Re: Soup at Panera Bread     11/09/2013
I just got back with stuff to make Pasta Fagoli soup for dinner tonight, and a good loaf of french b... More »
Re: No Swan Songs     11/08/2013
 @BooBearI thought we're suppose to be honest on this forum? LOL... More »
Re: 3 lost dogs     11/08/2013
I think both of them streets are in Woodland Hills. ... More »
Re: OMG - a clear shot to the head (Warning)     11/08/2013
@mm4731: So did you post it over there?  ... More »
Re: Just read....     11/08/2013
@SandyKnee: He beat her with a bed post at 7 month pregnant.  That's what I read in the paper t... More »
Re: No Swan Songs     11/08/2013
@BooBear: I missed something, who is the insecure person we are talking about? ... More »
Re: update on Ky. happenings......     11/08/2013
Glad you're feeling better, had something like that last Dec. & it knocked my socks off. It took... More »
Re:     11/08/2013  for married folks looking to find some afternoon delight... If you get my drift... More »
Re: What's for Dinner tonight?     11/08/2013
We decided on a pizza....... More »
Re: Just read....     11/08/2013
I read last night where they found a suicide note & really thought he was committing suicide, an... More »
Re: lunch time fun     11/08/2013
I have a salad & will be sitting at my desk!Can I get anymore boring?... More »
Re: Tonight is apparently National Men Make Dinner Night     11/08/2013
Tomorrow I'm making Pasta Fagioli in the crock pot. Most recipes don't call for meat but I've always... More »
Re: Nutcracker market     11/08/2013
I was thinking of going, I've never been. Yesterday morning the news guy was there & talking t... More »
Re: Relocating from New York to Northeast Houston     11/08/2013
Try The Oaks of Kingwood apartments. Very nice.  I'm also from the East coast and have been here 10... More »
Re: To Those That Despise Me     11/08/2013
@lola: Couldn't happen to a nicer guy & do I care? Not really.... I'm very snarky this morni... More »
Re: Tonight is apparently National Men Make Dinner Night     11/08/2013
MY DH made Rib Eye steaks, baked pototoes & fresh green beans. But he's retired & cooks almo... More »

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