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Re: Orthopedic doc to work on my rt hand     08/29/2013
Try this group their very good. Their office is behind Kingwood Medical Center. google both dr. fo... More »
Re: Venting     08/29/2013
You want to screw with them, instead of hitting your brakes hit you flashers & immediately turn ... More »
Re: Dinner     08/28/2013
@Fallon: On Saturday my husband brought home a MC apple cobbler & it was very good. He even ... More »
Re: im starting to feel hated:(     08/28/2013
@BooBear, how could you refuse that invite for a date?... More »
Re: tired of mowing my yard     08/27/2013
@DUSTOFF: I'm just a loser when it comes to the box game. I'll get it off my chest early so you ... More »
Re: bill would trigger huge new taxes on guns, ammo     08/27/2013
I grew up in the city Bill Pascarell was mayor of.  He was a triple dipping dirt bag politician the... More »
Re: Where is the outrage???     08/27/2013
@BooBear: Great minds think alike ! ... More »
Re: Where is the outrage???     08/27/2013
What is it this morning with all these gross photos?  Can't we just have photos of  cute dogs &am... More »
Re: Vehicle Needed - Can only make payments     08/27/2013
For how long this thread has gone on, the kid probably got a car, crashed it & is looking for an... More »
Re: Pigs in Kingwood????     08/27/2013
@mm4731That's good to go at anytime!... More »
Re: What is the latest someone should leave for work to not sit in traffic on school days on Kingwood Drive?     08/27/2013
 I try to leave by 6:40 & I usually don't have a problem But I get on Kingwood Dr. @ Woodland H... More »
Re: Pigs in Kingwood????     08/27/2013
@Nurse3: Did you see the other thread about coyotes & Feral Hogs.  I was wondering why some... More »
Re: Hunters Ridge - Anyone hear about a robber with a gun?     08/26/2013
They said it was an armed robber @ Oak Garden & Woodbridge. The cops got him & arrested him.... More »
Re: New to area Looking for a good vet for our dog     08/26/2013
We started at Animal Care Center recently.  I went years ago for one of my cats. But it's a little ... More »
Re: Democrat socialists push U.N power grab     08/26/2013
@ZMAN: Ahhhhh Where can I join.  I like be referred to as a low information voter......... ... More »
Re: Policy on calling names and being very ugly on board     08/25/2013
@ Retired Engineer,  I don't think Joe ever call me out on anything, but my memory is bad so I may ... More »
Re: Policy on calling names and being very ugly on board     08/25/2013
I haven't read the rules, but I know a time or two I must have broken a few.  I try to take everyth... More »
Re: Lone star steakhouse?     08/25/2013
@ N & T        Longhorn!  I have poor reading skills.... sorry... More »
Re: Next KDC Meet Should Be at Citizen Donuts     08/25/2013
I believe just b/c someone found a server to be rude is very subjective. What they find rude may not... More »

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