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So     09/06/2013
Is it raining, by the radar it looks like it is right over Kingwood?!!!!!!!!!!!!... More »
Re: i won     09/06/2013
@ Fallon we need to mug the newbie when his/her check comes I have one... I don't even like to play... More »
Re: Wells Fargo Robbery Today     09/06/2013
^^^^^^^^^ some people need to take their own advice!... More »
Re: Winner!     09/06/2013
@Fallon: Go to Cheddar's on 1960 for a pot pie, I enjoyed it. ... More »
Re: I feel like taking a nap     09/06/2013
I'm out of work, so just waiting till one of slubs put a new file up! I went outside b/c I felt myse... More »
Re: First Choice Emergency Room - Northpark     09/06/2013
@Fallon it's on NP right before McDonald's. It's the old Hollywood Video.... More »
Re: Annoyance on my block     09/06/2013
I don't know why everyone is jumping on these people, it's not a daily occurrence. I say too bad to ... More »
Re: Visual growth of Microsoft Windows     09/06/2013
@Fallon: Our friend who was here last weekend bought an Mac pro book laptop, I think that's what... More »
Re: First Choice Emergency Room - Northpark     09/06/2013
And that is why the health care system is broken!   They can't walk into any other HC facility &am... More »
Re: Damn Dogs 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     09/06/2013
@mm4731: The dog is a real smart azz! ... More »
Re: Jimi Hendrix     09/06/2013
Janis Joplin was from the Port Arthur area.... More »
Re: First Choice Emergency Room - Northpark     09/06/2013
I will suffer before I go to Kingwood ER again!  There's a lot of people using it like it's their p... More »
Re: When twerking goes wrong     09/06/2013
Try explaining that at the ER!... More »
Re: date night ideas     09/06/2013
Why are all you people up so early? It's good to know I'm not the only one.... More »
Re:     09/06/2013
Just no! no spray painting food.  Who thinks of this stuff?... More »
Re: date night ideas     09/06/2013
@cgm10sne1: I hate to speak for someone else but N&T is probably looking to go on a date wit... More »
Re: First Choice Emergency Room - Northpark     09/06/2013
I went there once & was very pleased. From diagnosis to taking X-rays. Mine  was just something... More »
Re: Best Salad for pick-up?     09/06/2013
@Ann2800: Me too! Their lobster bisque soup was so good.  ... More »
Re: Has     09/05/2013
I had a bad back for about 9months one year. I was on a cane, I thought I would never walk standing ... More »
Re: Free 12 Yr Old?     09/05/2013
@mgw300e: Not that I know of! But by the description I doubt it. It's like saying come & by ... More »

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