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Re: @mpjp0907     09/11/2013
Get a room!... More »
Re: Has anyone noticed     09/11/2013
It's almost freakish how long it is!... More »
Re: Anybody ever try Geoduck clams?     09/10/2013
No thanks... I have to agree with Silly!... More »
Re: Priceless     09/10/2013
Hey Silly how's it going??... More »
Re: Houston, we have a problem!     09/10/2013
@2danes: Hey 2danes, what cha' got to say now! Great Game Texans!!!!! ... More »
Re: It has NO KITCHEN!!     09/09/2013
@TheTruthHurts: Nothing to do with finances or repairs.... Just trashy people. ... More »
Re: It has NO KITCHEN!!     09/09/2013
Many years ago we had a small rental house, DON'T DO IT! It really isn't worth the aggravation. ... More »
Re: Dunkin Donuts     09/09/2013
There's one at the airport, but I'm not sure if it's in a terminal or not. The one in Atascocita  w... More »
Re: FaceBook is good     09/09/2013
I never post anything on my facebook page. I just monitor what the daughter & my nieces & ne... More »
Re: No - Stop It - Quit     09/09/2013
I have a sibling who is a financial adviser, you don't even want to invite them to any function bec... More »
Re: Shots fired.....     09/09/2013
Last week I made a comment to my DH about the parents showing up at the school wanting security, whi... More »
Re: No - Stop It - Quit     09/08/2013
@donnatella  I guess you only had a so-so time at the party?... More »
Re: happy grandparents day     09/08/2013
Are gifts given?  I would always want gifts.Oh congrats you youngin! All I have is four legged gran... More »
Re: debugging, absolutely hidden cameras, help     09/08/2013
@SWEETPEAS: I'm sorry but I have none of those things & I'm not sure what you are looking fo... More »
Re: The cats are taking over     09/08/2013
I had a cat for 20 yrs who would run down the hallway where the bedrooms & bathroom were  &... More »
Re: Hate being sick     09/08/2013
@N & T hope the family feels better real soon...   I hate being the go to guy & not feelin... More »
Re: Hate being sick     09/08/2013
No hurricanes! My allergies go haywire.  We lose electric & I'm sitting in the car with the A/C... More »
Re: furniture..our s#!+ delivered monday     09/08/2013
@cgm10sne1: I was at WalMart Grocer today & looking at Birthday cards & I opened one to ... More »
Re: sports fields?     09/08/2013
@Jacob1987: Try Creekwood Middle School on WLH, about 1/2 mile north of Town Center. ... More »
Re: Gasoline in Kingwood     09/08/2013
I haven't been up 494 in quite some time but the shell & valero @ 1314 always was cheaper than i... More »

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