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Re: Certainly not "affordable" for some     10/08/2013
@donnatella: There's a problem with that though! Which is part of Obamacare, parents can keep th... More »
Re: Culver's     10/07/2013
I've had their Fish & Chips & thought it was quite good.  ... More »
Re: Boy its nice outside     10/06/2013
Yep! Love the weather, I was out back drinking my coffee - I need to put some  more clothes on thou... More »
Re: IM HOME     10/05/2013
There's no place like home!  Rest up & get well...... More »
Re: The Millers     10/04/2013
It was horrible! Soooooooooo cheesy..... ... More »
Re: Motorcycle road rage     10/02/2013
I have to say I didn't read the comments so maybe I'm repeating, but this was not road rage... This ... More »
Re: Obamacare can sieze fines from your bank account     10/02/2013
@Haybugg,  Don't be shocked, this is the least, just wait.................. More »
Yes Obamacare, it can't get any better than this!     10/02/2013
Seedco: Obamacare's Fraud-Stained Navigators  (by Michelle Malkin)  10/2/2013 We... More »
Re: lm in the hospital again     10/02/2013
So sorry to hear that!  They better figure out why?!?! ... More »
Re: Lunch?     10/01/2013
I have eggsalad & multi grain crackers with a cup of tea... What an old ladies sounding lunch th... More »
Re: Good rain     10/01/2013
I got to work at 9 & you could tell downtown had a good soaking right before that. But it's quit... More »
Re: prayers     10/01/2013
@Burnsway or @ Fallon   Do they ever have a reason?    And I don't mean "it's office policy". ... More »
Re: Government Shuts Down...     10/01/2013
@TXSG: Very simple, the POS (piece of $h!^) in office got on TV @ about 4 yesterday & said ... More »
Re: Happy bday to me!     10/01/2013
Wishing you a very Happy Happy Birthday!  Sounds like you're embracing it...So enjoy!... More »
Re: Dinner     09/22/2013
@mpjp0907: You're a brave soul. j/k Now that place should be spotless.   I've never been.  Ma... More »
Re: How many text messages does your kid send each month?     09/22/2013
@ Fallon  About 2 years ago I was at the vet on a Sat. morning & the Father)in his fortys) &... More »
Re: power outage woodstream.     09/22/2013
Early this morning mine flickered but just for a few seconds & everything had to be reset & ... More »
Re: Nice Change from the Heat     09/22/2013
I was just out with the dog & it's sooooooo cool, it's beautiful outside right now. ... More »
Re: holy crap it was bad........     09/21/2013
@KTownTexican: Hope you had a dry day, b/c I didn't see any rain in Kingwood today. I looked at ... More »
Re: Evan Carroll     09/21/2013
Evan posted on KU earlier today & gave more info... It seems now it has been reported.  But  I... More »

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