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Re: Found Old Black & White Large Dog     10/17/2013
Oh thank you, you are really nice to take such care of him.  Are you thinking of keeping him? Sure ... More »
Re: Sort of Guy Awesome     10/17/2013
Oh get our of here!... More »
Re: Fast Food Fails     10/17/2013
I've never been to Taco Bell, ever... & I could live the rest of my life that way!... More »
Re: question for the women     10/17/2013
No nagging here.  We discuss stuff.  Life's too short to turn your home into an uncomfortable plac... More »
Re: Wedding arch and columns for rent?     10/16/2013
We bought a metal arch & decorated it ourselves.  You can find the arch in any garden center &a... More »
Re: Best Friends     10/15/2013
People should act more like these animals! The world would be a better place for humans.... More »
Re: Cat people and Dog people     10/15/2013
I have both! equal opportunity animal owner.  When I met my husband he had birds, so glad that phas... More »
Re: FOUND.......COPPERHEAD snake     10/15/2013
@WskyTngoFxtrt: And you can see the tattoos on their arms! ... More »
Re: Leather sofa shopping     10/14/2013
@snowsmama:  I love  It's always my first online site to shop. In fact I need t... More »
Re: Russian Bear Tricks     10/14/2013
They're so big & cute & fuzzy! I want one...... More »
Re: Any Greek restaurants?     10/14/2013
Too many Texmex & Mexican restaurants for me! ... More »
Re: Any Greek restaurants?     10/14/2013
Phoencia's by Discovery Green downtown, not really that far. It's a grocer plus they have a sit down... More »
Re: Tita's hours     10/14/2013
@bubbleyes72: There is a place in Humble,  Grandma's Tamales on the street that HAAM is on. ... More »
Re: ugggghhh BACK PAIN     10/13/2013
Chiropractor, I had a bad back, went to doctors, physical therapy & the only thing that helped &... More »
Re: Tee Shirt Funnies     10/13/2013
In New Orleans quite a few yrs ago.... Love is sleeping on the wet spot. Sometimes you feel like a ... More »
Re: Can you     10/13/2013
I was thinking of putting them in a freezer bag & putting them in the meat drawer in the fridge.... More »
Can you     10/13/2013
refreeze Salmon?  We bought Salmon yesterday @ HEB that said previously frozen & I have somethi... More »
Raining     10/13/2013
 here in Bear Branch!... More »
Re: Random question     10/12/2013
MY husband does most of the cooking & we were using instant mashed potatoes & I don't like t... More »
Re: Pet peeve game.     10/12/2013
My pokey husband, it drives me insane.  If were going out & get in the car, just start it &... More »

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