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Re: Darn Cats (humor)     10/20/2013
@FoFa: Yes the photo is funny! But in real life that could truly kill a cat.  Litter is too clo... More »
Re: Town Hall Meeting Tues October 22, 2013     10/20/2013
I don't think so, neither Parker or Hall won't be getting any vote from me!... More »
Re: We are in TROUBLE - tomorrow!     10/20/2013
A little early Happy BIRTHDAY SILLY123! ... More »
Re: We are in TROUBLE - tomorrow!     10/20/2013
@mpjp0907: I bet you started partying this weekend for the big event.  Monday b'days aren't all... More »
Re: double sexual assault tonight in Kingwood!!!!     10/20/2013
A few weeks ago in was an article about a Mother & son team in Humble on 1960.They wou... More »
Re: kpark homecoming     10/20/2013
Truly, if that's the worst these kids can do, they should be applauded!... More »
Re: Bunch of cops at the harbor     10/19/2013
I read on the other  community forum that  a pedestrian was hit by a vehicle.  But it's kind of u... More »
Re: javaman     10/19/2013
@lola  You are such a tease.... you post this as I'm eating Oatmeal, yuck!... More »
Re: Loooook here!!!!!!     10/19/2013
There is a Fall  Fest/Harvest at Bear Branch Elementary, I guess in the Park across the street on t... More »
Re: jumped in bed last night and.....     10/18/2013
I came home from work & put on shorts & went out back with a cocktail.  About 45 minutes la... More »
Re: Lunch Time     10/18/2013
Prime Rib and Caesar Salad (leftovers from Texas Steak house)... More »
Re: question for the women     10/17/2013
I look at my marriage as there's no General partner, just partners & it does take both to keep e... More »
Re: Cheese Sticks & Soup     10/17/2013
@mpjp0907: Are you on a ballfield somewhere?  I think it's could be a bit cooler. ... More »
Re: Got the inside scoop on     10/17/2013
@bubbleyes72:  Because Shipley's isn't DD!!! I think you're are trying to hone in on our DD...  ... More »
Re: Got the inside scoop on     10/17/2013
@mpjp0907: Last thing I need is a Dunkin Donuts on my way to the hwy in the morning!!! ... More »
Re: Found Old Black & White Large Dog     10/17/2013
  Sorry to hear about your divorce. I wish you the best of luck! Life has a way of throwing road... More »
Re: Texas traitors     10/17/2013
 Pinnacle cronyism.............    ... More »
Re: Lunch today     10/17/2013
I had a mocha Frappe! It was yummy...... More »
Re: Got the inside scoop on     10/17/2013
@mpjp0907: You do good work girl!  I heard Shipley's is moving to the free standing building by... More »
Re: Need Very Low Cost Vet Clinic for Stray Dog     10/17/2013
^^^^^^^^^^^^ What Love2Run said.  It's where we started going........... Good Luck!... More »

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