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Re: Kewl Cat     11/22/2013
My brother got a puppy from a neighbor who's relative's dog had puppies. It's part doxie & somet... More »
Re: Aladdin & Titanic     11/22/2013
I agree @Fofa don't bother, plus it way too long.... I've never enjoyed that movie...... More »
Re: Men winning an argument with a woman     11/22/2013
@mm4731: We differntly need a thumbs down button... ... More »
Re: black friday     11/22/2013
2011 My husband wanted a big screen TV for Christmas in the 52 inch range. So the Monday after black... More »
Re: Union Kitchen part 8     11/22/2013
We thought about going last Friday, but when I pulled up the website I knew I wasn't dressed for the... More »
Re: Friday Night Plans     11/22/2013
@Katiemcg where is that? I know I've seen the sign...... More »
Re: Men winning an argument with a woman     11/22/2013
Got that right!... More »
Re: What are you drinking tonight?     11/21/2013
I had bourbon & pepsi next, but now I have water... More »
Re: I'm back....     11/21/2013
Sounds good to me... just let me know where rehearsal is! Now that you're back we need 4psychos back... More »
I'm back....     11/21/2013
I changed the my ID at work when I couldn't log in, but I posted here & came back as my old self... More »
Re: dinner ?? maybe ??     11/21/2013
ribs, fresh green beans & rice...... More »
Re: Some Where Over The Rainbow     11/21/2013
Only @Fofa would find this on the internet....... More »
Re: Toll Violation     11/21/2013
@NewTo Texas¬† I check my eztag account about once a week.¬† There are a few accounts I do this with... More »
Re: Obamacare........     11/21/2013
@AngieKay look at Panama, it's real nice & they speak English there.... More »
Re: Toll Violation     11/21/2013
@BooBear: I did it by phone with a debit card $1.75. ... More »
Re: Toilets..     11/20/2013
You can get at WalMart on North Park. My husband swears by it.... More »
Re: Mayor Parker Orders City to Provide Taxpayer Funded     11/20/2013
When Annise Parker was elected the first time she switched the HC benefits to Cigna which covers sam... More »
Re: Thanksgiving Parade Questions...     11/20/2013
Just google it. I just did. It's give you the route & more info.... More »
Re: Stayed home today     11/20/2013
I have a friend that gets them all the time. It's almost chronic in her case. So I do know how bad t... More »
Re: Nobody Can Tell You Peed: The Worlds Tallest Waterslide     11/20/2013
That ain't ever gonna happen! ... More »

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