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Re: dilemma     11/28/2013
Me too! Whatever it is though you're were so sweet to come to their rescue. God job Haybugg!... More »
Re: Happy Turkey Day KDC!!!     11/28/2013
Everyone have a great Thanksgiving!  ... More »
Re: Dressing vs. stuffing     11/27/2013
@herron1345: Now you're talking my language. ... More »
Re: Snow!!     11/26/2013
It was a wonderful ride home. Dry roads & not too much traffic.... Everyday should be like today... More »
Re: Traffic in the DARK!     11/25/2013
@manhunter, be careful out there. I'm glad I'm home in my warm crib.... More »
Re: Traffic in the DARK!     11/25/2013
it was horrible driving home. The mist & spray coming off the road really made visibility a prob... More »
Re: I had my laugh for today     11/23/2013
@copernicus   Is it from the woman in Porter or near Porter? I do know someone who has gotten thei... More »
Re: Most kid friendly village in KW?     11/23/2013
Yeah it's more about the street you live on. We really have no little ones around me anymore. I bet ... More »
Re: What do you like about the colder weather?     11/23/2013
I've decided I like dry cold, but this wet & raw stuff, I could have stayed in NJ.  ... More »
Re: Raffa's or Chimmichurris?     11/23/2013
I love Raffa's but I've never been to Chimmi's but I've never heard a bad word about them. How about... More »
Re: Dateline NBC     11/23/2013
Vet called & the dog needs to be seen before they will renew her heartworm meds? If dogs are on ... More »
Re: I had my laugh for today     11/23/2013
Years ago I worked with a woman who's brother-in-law had an organic farm, this was before the craze ... More »
Re: Message to Bike Riders out there     11/23/2013
How come we don't know who is posting More »
Re: Are Sausage Kolaches Just a Texas Thing?     11/23/2013
Never heard of a kolaches before moving to Texas, & if I leave I won't miss them...... More »
Re: Too Bad We Don't Get Snow Here     11/23/2013
@Ann2800: And Fofa... ... More »
I had my laugh for today     11/23/2013
Just got back from HEB they have a natural organic turkey about 20-22 lbs & the cost was....... ... More »
Re: Hitler Knees     11/23/2013
The left one more than the right knee... ... More »
Re: Daughter robbed of $4000 from job inquiry     11/23/2013
And they say only the elderly fall for these scams!!! Sorry the daughter was ripped off,  but why w... More »
Re: Auto Payments Cannot Be Late - Again!     11/23/2013
My husband sits down writes checks, puts them in envelopes with stamps & drives to the post offi... More »
Re: She told the police....     11/23/2013
Weight has no bearing on how heavy you are on your feet. My boss is barely 5'1' & weighs probabl... More »

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