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viszla and mutt running lose     06/16/2013
I talked to the owner yesterday. He got the mutt back but the viszla is still missing. A couple of p... More »
Detroit, Really?     06/15/2013
It is illogical to inentivize dependency and expect to create more independence.... More »
viszla and mutt running lose     06/14/2013
Tried to catch them on Kingwood drive at forest shores (Kingwood lakes). They were dodging cars on K... More »
Royal Shores HOA     06/13/2013
@KTownTexican: urban myth. The adverse possession provision is way more complicated and convol... More »
Speed humps     06/10/2013
@350074: sure. Put something in the roadway. And if an accident occurs because of it, make sure ... More »
Speed humps     06/10/2013
An easy solution: don't let your kids play in the street. Cars don't drive on the playground.... More »
Geico hump day camel     06/09/2013
Mikemikemikemikemikemikemike... More »
Now I understand...     06/09/2013
@pacmax: that's grammar, not grammer. LOL ... More »
Cheerios Ad     06/06/2013
@N+T: I think you give waaaaaaay to much credit to a few outspoken morons. Anyone who complains ... More »
Opinions on ROTC     06/04/2013
Why are you on the fence?... More »
Need a Mechanics advice, on truck A/C     06/02/2013
@KTownTexican: Heater core or thermostat ...either is a fairly simple fix. ... More »
grey hair " down there"     05/31/2013
Not much gray matter "up there"... More »
A Man hunt in Kings River     05/30/2013
@KTownTexican: that's a bad idea. Do you think that he just would have stopped because you for i... More »
car insurance     05/30/2013
@BooBear: ...unless you specifically decline uninsured motorist coverage, you have it in your ... More »
Kingwood Police Dept     05/25/2013
@sunlh99: how do you know what the report said? HPD doesn't release the contents of offense rep... More »
Traffic on North Park     05/25/2013
@pksbar: You are right. On my way home yesterday, I was surprised to see CoH personnel working o... More »
Traffic on North Park     05/24/2013
@mm4731: 311 is a Houston number. The lights at RP are Montgomery County's responsibility ... More »
Just finished my daughters 8th grade math     05/24/2013
Perhaps this question is better asked of Jeff Foxworthy?... More »
So the neighborhood kid across the street...     05/24/2013
Or maybe, the lessons are so well structured that studying is actually fun.... More »
Traffic on North Park     05/22/2013
Nearly 30 minutes to get from the side road on the feeder (north of Luby's) to Woodland Hills. After... More »

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