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Interview with Jospeh Breda, Owner of Old Humble Distilling Company - Kingwood

Interview with Jospeh Breda, Owner of Old Humble Distilling Company - Kingwood

Published: Feb 15, 2023, 1:51pm

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As part of our ongoing "Getting to Know Your Local Businesses" series, this week we sat down with Joseph Breda, owner of Old Humble Distilling Company!

Tell us a bit about your business:  What does your business offer and how long have you been around?
The Old Humble Distilling Company offers a full lineup of delicious whiskeys, cocktails, and entertainment. We were founded in 2012 and our whiskeys regularly win awards at international spirits competitions as well as whiskey festivals throughout Texas. Our Straight Whiskey, Special Reserve, and Double Oak Straight Rye all can be found throughout Houston and in finer stores around Texas. In January 2023 our Legendary Boomtown Bourbon returned to the mix. The first batch we released to the public sold out in 72 hours, but have no fear!!  We’re making more!

How did you decide to get involved in this line of work? How did the business get started?
I began the distillery quite literally because I was a whiskey enthusiast. I was a home brewer way back in college and that hobby eventually grew into wine making and, finally, distillation.  Ultimately, after running the distillery part time for several years through several transitions, I took the distillery full time in October 2019.

Tell us a couple things you are proud of about your business. What are you known for? What separates you from the competition?
What separates us from the competition is that my distillery is truly a labor of love.  Me, my wife, my kids, friends, and extended family all participate in the operations of the distillery. We have built just about everything in our facility from the ground up. Even as we continue to grow, we’ll continue to focus on the important things and steadily build the brand.

What is your favorite part of running this business?
There are several things I love about running my own business. The freedom to set my own hours and work on the parts of the business that are important are really important to me. It allows me to spend time with my family and my community. But my absolute favorite part of all this is actually creating something of value and sharing it while building a community that can grow as we grow. Not everybody gets to create an award-winning whiskey and invite people onto your front porch to share that award winning whiskey literally every week, but I’ve been able to do that. And then when they have that first drink and you see the look on their face when it hits them – the smell, the flavor, the profile of the drink – and they raise that eyebrow and look over at their buddy and nod their head.  That’s the tee shot that plops down on the green or the walkoff homerun.  It’s everything. It really is.

Who is your target market or ideal customer/client?
If you like whiskey, my whiskey is for you. If you are one of those people who has been turned off by whiskey in the past because the only whiskeys you’ve been introduced to are factory produced generic industrial whiskey, then you try Old Humble Distilling Company whiskey. It’s whiskey the way whiskey should taste.

Can you tell us something about yourself as the business owner? What is your background?
I came to the distilling arts first as a whiskey enthusiast. All of my whiskeys reflect my own interest and preference in whiskeys. That preference was sparked when I was invited to a whiskey tasting in 2009. Prior to that my impression of bourbon was that they all tasted mostly the same and were not particularly inspired. Nonetheless, at this whiskey tasting the different bottles offered were all from different regions in the United States and they all tasted remarkably different and delightful. In less than 3 years I had a business plan and deep into the process of putting together my distillery. In college I was a home brewer, so my understanding of how grains interact in the brewing process informs my knowledge of the initial stages of the distilling process. But when you boil through all the research, education, and practice it all comes down to the simple fact that I like good whiskey and I make whiskey that I like. That’s what led me to start a distillery.

Are there any special promotions, annual sales, or special events that you'd like to mention?
On Friday nights from 5-9 pm we offer tastings, flights, cocktails, bottles for purchase and occasionally live music.
We also offer a $1 refund on the next purchase of a bottle of whiskey when you return your empty bottle of Old Humble whiskey and if you show us that you’re a subscriber to our YouTube channel, AMD Facebook follower.
Check out our merchandise.

Is there any other information you'd like your potential customers/clients to know about your business?
Old Humble Distilling Company makes the official whiskeys of campouts, cookouts, good stories, and great friends. We are open to the public on Friday nights. Come out and see what all the hype is about.

How do you see your business growing and improving over the next couple of years?
In due time we will initiate a mysterious new initiative called “PHASE 4”. When PHASE 4 is activated, you will receive further instruction through your various electronic devices.

To learn more about Old Humble Distilling Company, check out their featured business page on Kingwood.com

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