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By: Paul Rachmanides

Published: Aug 12, 2012, 3:00pm

Imagine growing up in another country.  Imagine that your dream is to leave your country for America.  Now imagine making your dream a reality, all while knowing exactly none of the official language, English.  In this inspiring tale, Paul Rachmanides, a Greek immigrant to the United States of America, relates his incredible experience of doing exactly that. 

Written with words and imagery which leap off the page, instantly transporting the reader to the early-1970ís and the newfound world of a bright-eyed, ambitious, eager young man, The Potato Peeler is a work in the tradition of Horatio Alger, G.A. Henty, William Adams, and others who have written of individuals who overcome the odds to achieve great success.

Filled with insights into human nature, valuable life-lessons, and colorful episodes, this literary debut from a first-generation, proud American is part self-help, part personal history, part philosophy, part success story and altogether entirely enjoyable.  The story that unfolds throughout is one of a young manís personal Odyssey and bears witness to the American Dream in action.  If ever there was a textbook that outlines the path to self-actualization and the manifestation of oneís own destiny, this could be it.

With chapters of anecdotes illustrative of his drive to success, The Potato Peeler is a highly readable, thoroughly entertaining tale which serves to inspire, motivate, and educate.  We are not all fortunate enough to have been born in the land of opportunity that is America, but as Mr. Rachmanides clearly shows in his book, each and every one of us have the chance to enact real change in our circumstances if we so wish.  His is a story which clearly shows that with courage, resolve, strength, and intelligence, we can all avail ourselves to make the best of our opportunities, and create them for ourselves when it may seem that there are none.  Readers of this work will be taken along with the author on the journey of a lifetime Ė truly.

Paul is the owner of State Inspection of Kingwood. He can be reached at 281-358-4787 or visit his web site at

Autographed copies of his book can be obtained at: 2630 Chestnut Ridge, Kingwood, TX.

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